Have a Summer Wedding That’s Both Fun and Elegant

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Every couple aspires to have a unique and memorable wedding day but many of us can get bogged down in expectations and customs, leading us to believe that there is little room for fun or individuality. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Summer weddings especially have the potential for a more fun and elegant atmosphere since the season is, by its very nature, warm and welcoming. A summer wedding presents many opportunities to be light-hearted while retaining an element of. Here are some top tips to help you celebrate your unique day in style.

Themed Weddings

Many brush off themed weddings as cheap and tacky but when done right, themed wedding days can appear beautifully coordinated and incredibly fun. Whether you hire a professional wedding planner or take on a more DIY approach, themed weddings provide lasting memories and are easy to pull off in summer since you can make good use of open outdoor spaces i.e. an Alice in Wonderland themed garden party in manor house grounds.

Serve a Seasonal Menu

Take advantage of the beautiful flavours of summertime at your wedding by swapping the traditional white icing wedding cake for something a little more seasonal. Summer is such a popular time of year for weddings it can be hard to appear original with your choice of menu, but it is possible if you take inspiration from the right sources.

Think of summery treats like strawberries and cream and fruit salads and maybe try to incorporate this in a citrus-infused wedding cheesecake or meringue. Guests will prefer something a little less heavy on a balmy summer’s night too so a fresh light dessert is perfect.

As for drinks, try and serve a summertime tipple that’s a bit out of the ordinary such as Wine Smoothies. Guests will not be expecting this gorgeous refreshing option as these make for a more personal and sophisticated alternative to say, margaritas and other ubiquitous summer cocktails.

The Natural Bride

As much as many brides will beg to differ on the biggest day of their lives, less is more when it comes to achieving an elegant look and opting for a more natural style with your dress and hair can actually make for a more laidback and relaxed mood. Grand hairstyles and overly-ornamental wedding dresses can obscure the bride’s natural beauty. Whilst opting for a minimal hairstyle and a chic dress instead, such as an A-line gown is perfect for summer and creates a graceful curve-hugging silhouette (whilst creating the illusion of elongated legs).

Ensure the male guests look equally fetching and elegant at your summer wedding too with the help of some stunning designer ties and cravats. Whether you go for classic bow ties or flamboyant silk scarves for your groomsmen, these provide the perfect finishing touch to any suit style – whatever wedding theme you opt for.