Five Steps to a Stress Free Wedding

stress free wedding


The Wedding Survival Guide

Your wedding is one of the biggest events in your lifetime in which you are the center of attention. It should be an absolutely joyous and heavenly event, but it can turn into a stressful mess if you don’t follow the five steps below that will help you to properly prepare.

1. Do your homework.

If you don’t hire a wedding planner, then invest in a good wedding planning book or pick up a free wedding guide from your local bridal store or wedding expo. Instead of worrying whether or not you’re covering all of the bases or forgetting an important detail, have all of the necessary information in front of you. Define your budget and parameters, and don’t waver; you’ll avoid disagreements if you lay out your plan first.

wedding planning guide


2. Create a wedding bible.

Buy a sturdy three-ring binder, dividers, and a zipper pouch. This will be your wedding bible for the duration of your planning. Label your dividers according to all of the topics on your booking/to-do list. File all fliers, notes, and bids in this binder. Keep all business cards, a pocket calculator, a pocket measuring tape, fabric swatches, and writing utensils in the zipper pouch. The pouch can also store receipts for safekeeping until you return home.

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3. Set goals!

Procrastinators turn into frazzled brides. Set goals for when you want to accomplish each item on your to-do list. Finish your to-do list one week before your wedding. You’ll enjoy yourself a lot more and have time for visiting out-of-town family and friends.

4. Prepare your wedding day lists!

If you arrive prepared on the big day, events will run much more smoothly. Hand out duty lists to your maid of honor and best man. You should not have to worry about who will take the flowers from the church to the hall or who will take the gifts home. Delegate! Bit do ask nicely. Another important lifesaver on your wedding day is an emergency kit. Defy Murphy’s Law. List everything that could go wrong and the solutions to those situations. What if your hairdo starts to droop? Have hairpins ready! What if you had onions for lunch? Have breath mints on hand! Keep your emergency solutions nearby in a matching purse or have your maid of honor tote your supplies around for you. If you’re ready for anything, you won’t ruin your day worrying about what could go wrong.

wedding day list


5. Plan for imperfection!

Be as prepared as possible, but also accept the fact that grand events are rarely perfect. If something does go wrong, it’s o.k. Repeat that sanity-saving phrase: If something goes wrong, IT IS O.K. The only thing that matters is that you and your betrothed are joined in matrimony. If you take stock in this mantra, you will have peace of mind. If the organist plays the wrong song, who cares?! If clowns show up instead of the string quartet, don’t fret! You’ll be laughing about it on your honeymoon. Life is too short to waste precious moments worrying. If you and your beloved declare your love and commitment to each other, then your mission has been accomplished.


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