Donuts holes and other sweet treats can be more fun and lighter on the wallet than a full-size and mute-tiered cake.

10 Unique, Budget-Friendly Wedding Ideas

One of the most common questions we get all the time at Top Wedding Sites is how to save money at a wedding without cheapening it. Cheap wedding ideas are plentiful, but finding things that enhance a wedding and make it more amazing while still saving you money is another story.

This post is going to focus on fun and interesting things you can buy to make your wedding special while saving money. If you are looking for more concrete money-saving tips then check out this post on how to save money on a wedding.

Create a personal, unique wedding without bursting the seams of your wallet. The trick is to get crafty and inventive. Places like Etsy are amazing for finding vintage and handmade items that are very reasonably priced and provide tons of value. We’ve found that focusing on your wedding décor, favors and design items is the area to get the biggest bang for your buck. In saying that don’t be afraid to look for budget-friendly wedding ideas for bigger-ticket items like your wedding dress, cake or even invitations.

Looking for some affordable ideas for your wedding? Trying to plan your wedding on the cheap? Still want it to be spectacular, fun and amazing? Check out these budget-friendly wedding ideas and transform the day into something magical.




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