How to save money on a wedding


Saving money on your wedding feels impossible. A wedding is supposed to be the best day of your life, not the most expensive day. In fact, a lot of people nowadays are prioritizing their weddings over getting a mortgageSo, instead of spending what you can’t, follow some of these money saving tips to keep control of your wedding cost:

Get married on odd days

It might be a bit difficult to secure all of your guests, but getting married on a less popular day can save you a surprising amount of money. So, instead of getting married on a Saturday in summer, why not have a winter wedding on Wednesday. Venues would be likely to charge you less because they won’t have as many bookings that time of year. Some businesses even offer discounts during the off-peak times of year. So, tell your family to take the day off work and spend your midweek getting married.

Save money on the invitations

Nowadays, subtle is the way to go, especially with your invitations. Gaudy invitations that are filled with glitter and gold trim are becoming less common (thank goodness) so take advantage of a money saving opportunity and go simple with your invitations. Some good quality paper and a nice font can be impressively understated and stylish when done right. Minimalism is timeless.

When it comes to sending them you might not have an option to save money, but you would if you owned a business. A franking machines can give you great discounts on postage, which is great for a business and can be even better if you can take use it to send your wedding invitations. Of course, you shouldn’t get one just for the sake of your wedding, but if you were looking to send invitations and make your business more efficient at the same time this would be a great option.

Dress down the dinner

Catering is expensive, especially when you’re going for a deluxe wedding package. Not only are you paying for a lot of flashy food, but you also can’t guarantee that your guests are going to like it. Nothing’s more upsetting than buying fillet mignon that nobody’s going to eat. So, if you’re happy with a more casual style reception, consider alternatives to a three course diner. Have a barbecue, serve hor d’oeuvres, have a buffet table or call in some gourmet food trucks to serve your guests. You’ll give your guests more options for what they want to eat, you’ll be paying less for the food and even the venue will be cheaper since you won’t have to think about setting and serving twenty tables.

A nice dress

Wedding dresses have always been exceptionally expensive, and it seems that any dress that’s white costs ten times as much as any other dress. If you’re the unconventional type, why not consider a wedding dress that’s not actually a dress? Finding a nice dress is a lot easier than finding a ‘wedding’ dress. You’ll have a lot more options, a lot more colours to choose from, and they tend to be a lot cheaper. With a nice dress, you could also have the option of wearing it again in the future.