The Secrets to Planning a Wedding on a Budget


You’ve probably lived your wedding day in your head for thousands of times. You’ve picked your ideal dress, thought about the venue and decorations, and imagined the lavish wedding cake to wow your guests with. But as the actual wedding day looms closer, you might begin to dread about the cost of it all. But don’t worry; you can plan a wedding on a budget and still enjoy it as your dream day. Here are the secrets to budget wedding planning.

Search without the word ‘wedding’

Wedding cake, wedding dress, wedding venue are all great keywords to use when you are planning your big day. The problem is that when you attach the word ‘wedding’ in front of another word, the price goes up as well. Open your eyes and look watch beyond the traditional wedding things. Your venue doesn’t have to be specifically for weddings, as you can throw a party almost anywhere. There’s no reason you can dress up in a pretty white dress without it specifically being a wedding gown.

Don’t turn away from second-hand

Speaking of the dress; don’t be afraid to consider second-hand wedding dresses. You can alter your dress often for far less than the cost of buying an original designer dress. Although the thought of holding on to your wedding dress might sound appealing, you most probably won’t be using it after your big day. So, rent or buy second-hand at and you’ll save money.

Use decorations smartly

The smell of fresh flowers or the sparkle of lots of candles will add to that ambience. But you shouldn’t think decorations have to be the main feature at your wedding reception. You can create meaningful décor without filling the whole room with things. Instead, look for a few large floral arrangements from Shop for candles and candleholders at Meri Meri Party Supplies and buy in bulk. Before you spend money in-store, check out for online deals and discounts.

Think outside the box with the rings

Wedding rings are a beautiful symbol of marriage. They can also cost quite a bit, but you can save by thinking outside of the box. Opting for silver or bronze can be cheaper than going with a golden ring. You can also cut costs by engraving the outside ring with a meaningful message, instead of adding gemstones. Even if you want a gemstone, swapping diamonds to a less expensive stone can cut costs. Furthermore, if you got extra gold jewelry lying around unused, get a jewelry store to create a ring out of them!

Become the DJ

Hiring a band or a wedding DJ can add hundreds, if not thousands, to your wedding cost. But in the era of technology, you don’t need to spend all of that to enjoy great tunes. You just need to find some decent speakers and attach them to your laptop and create a playlist on Spotify. You can pay a small fee to someone you know to ensure everything goes smoothly with the streaming.

Organizing an amazing and fun wedding doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You just need to plan in advance, look around for deals and think outside of the box. The key is to offer a good time to your friends and family, celebrating you and your partner’s love. And love doesn’t cost a thing!