vegas wedding guests

How to Include Guests who Can’t Make your Las Vegas Wedding

vegas wedding guests

Every year, thousands of couples choose a Las Vegas wedding. Vegas weddings are fun, exciting and always unique making it the ideal place for a wedding. However, if you are coming to Vegas for a destination wedding, there are several loved ones who might not be able to make the trip. Here are some tips on how to bring guest to your Vegas wedding without having to leave their home.


Skype is a very popular Internet voice over service, which allows individuals to connect using computers and phones. Allowing you to see, hear and communicate fairly easy with those far away, it a great way to bring absent guest to your wedding in Las Vegas.



FaceTime is a video-telephony application developed by Apple Inc. Working much like Skype, Facetime is a great way to bond those who could not make your destination Vegas wedding. Plus, seeing your glowing face is always a great way to feel apart of the celebration. However, the only drawback to FaceTime is an iOS device containing a forward-facing camera can support it.

Wedding DVD

Constructing a Las Vegas wedding DVD can make one feel present when actually they were unable to make the event. Hire someone to video all aspects of your wedding and then mail the DVD to those who could not make it. Plus, you will want to keep a DVD for your personal scrapbook.


Blogs are becoming extremely popular, are easy to set up and can be a lot of fun to write. Simple establish your blog and then send your entire guest list the address. The rest is easy; simply write about all aspects of your Vegas wedding, upload photos throughout your experience and guest will truly feel apart of your journey.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are great social media outlets to share your Las Vegas wedding. The ideal way is to designate someone in your bridal party to frequently upload information onto your social media. Loved ones can access all of your wedding information and feel they are under the Vegas lights with you.

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