If you’re saying your I do’s right into the new year, you’ll want to do it in a big, extra-special way. With a dash of sparkle and champagne too, we’re sharing 10 New Year’s Eve wedding ideas to inspire and get your brainstorming jumpstarted. Take a peek!

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One of the most common questions we get all the time at Top Wedding Sites is how to save money at a wedding without cheapening it. Cheap wedding ideas are plentiful, but finding things that enhance a wedding and make it more amazing while still saving you money is another story. This post is going to focus …

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A wedding is one of the most crucial and sacred rites of passage in human life. As such, every bride and groom would do all they can just to make their wedding day a unique and unforgettable one – even if it means paying an arm and a leg to hire one of the most …


Take those sparkly, fun bits and incorporate them into your big day. From decor to exiting the celebrations, let’s see how in 10 beautiful, wonderful ways! via Pinterest

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