Three Top Tips for Memorialising Your Wedding

nyc wedding photo

You’ll remember your wedding day for the rest of your life. The memories will stay tucked away inside, safe and secure, so that all you need to do is close your eyes to see it all again.

Still, it’s nice to preserve some special mementoes. Over the years, memories can become a little hazy. They start to take on the same sepia tint as old photographs, losing some of the bright, shining brilliance of the days when they were newly made. They’re not gone but slightly faded, so it’s nice to have some prompts: to help restore their original gloss, and to allow you to share them with others as the years pass.

Here are three of the best ways to help preserve those special mementoes and ensure that your memories are always as fresh and bright as the day that they were made.

The Prettiest Picture

Most women hold onto their wedding dresses long after the big day has come and gone, yet often they have little idea of what to do with them. They inevitably end up tucked away out of sight, folded in tissue paper and hidden away from the world. Most take up residence in attics or cellars, forgotten for years until someone unwittingly stumbles upon them. They’re opened for a moment, smiled at, and then hidden away again.

nyc wedding photo

So why not do something a little more innovative? Some ladies choose to have their dresses framed instead, placed on display in a bespoke shadow box like this one. The perfect accessory for dressing rooms or your little girl’s bedroom, you get a beautiful new feature for your home and the opportunity to relive your wedding every time you look at it.

Immortal Bouquets

A favourite Victorian hobby was flower pressing, a pastime that’s recently experienced a revival in interest. Simple and cheap, all that it requires is flowers, and a pretty album or elegant frame to preserve them in. And what better blooms to save for eternity than the ones that you held on your wedding day? A growing number of brides are turning to flower pressing to immortalise their big day bouquets. Why not follow in their footsteps and create a sweet, simple memento that you can enjoy forever?


Photo Magic

Of course, no wedding day would be complete without an album to finish it. Although most people have their photos professionally done and any mementoes compiled by their photographers, it can be nice to claim this job for yourself. Spend some time perusing the stationary sections in your local shops, browsing the aisles for an album that’s pretty, elegant and perfect for preserving your wedding day. Once you have it, fill it with your favourite photos and mementoes, so that anytime those memories start to become a little blurred, all that you have to do is turn to the first page to relive them over and over again.

How will you choose to preserve your big day?