diy wedding planning

DIY Wedding Tips

diy wedding planning

DIY Wedding Tips

Wedding are notoriously expensive – an average of £20,000. And although a second wedding is traditionally less extravagant, it can still cost a small fortune. But there is a good alternative: keep the costs low and personalise your day with a unique DIY twist.

All hands on deck

Now is the time to call on your talented friends. Don’t be shy – they will probably jump at the chance to help you out on your big day.

Budding beauty

Flowers are on every bride’s list, but they are a luxury not everyone can afford. The internet is awash with tutorials on how to get creative and make your own flowers. You and your nearest and dearest can even set up station in front of the television, if you each make five a night, in a few months you could have an abundance of origami roses for tables, or as presents for all your guests.

Picture perfect

You may have an artistic buddy whose makeup skills you have always admired. Maybe you could ask her to do the honours on the big day. You could invest in some quality makeup that you know will keep you looking your best on the photos. Beautique UK Ltd has a lovely range to suit all blushing brides.

Food glorious food

Think of someone whose desserts you always particularly enjoy munching. Your auntie’s key lime pie or your sister’s rhubarb crumble, perhaps? You could even ask one of these master chefs to have a go at baking your wedding cake.

The dress

Vintage is all the rage right now, and even if you wanted a classic gown, it is good to look online. Some people are superstitious about wearing other people’s wedding dresses – if that is the case, maybe look around and see if you can find any new dresses in the sales. Supermarkets and department stores often have reasonably priced bridal collections.

Save the date

Your wedding venue is likely to reduce the price if you are happy to get married on a Monday in February. But if you do have your heart set on a summer party, then think of an alternative place to hold the reception. How about a picnic in your local park, or a nearby beach? Maybe someone you are close to has a beautiful garden, or a farm they would be willing to donate for the day.

Giving something back

For all those friends who have contributed something to make this day a glorious occasion, take your time to look for a token beautiful gift as a thank you. It’ll be smiles all round.

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