Wedding Nails & Hands. Advice From the Palms to the French Tips. Our Secret Tip is #3.

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A wedding band, holding each others’ hands while walking down the aisle, showing off your bouquet, giving friends and family hugs & handshakes and not to mention lots and lots of photographs capturing each and every memory; your hands and wedding nails are an integral part of your wedding day, so treat them as such. Just like with your hair, skin and body, you may want to take the months leading up to the celebration to become healthier in every form and fashion. Here are some tips to start the madness and ensure your wedding hands and wedding nails are perfect:

Nail Health Beauty

1. Manicures, please:

If you can budget it, start getting monthly or bi-monthly manicures to your wedding nail health. You’re less apt to pick, pull and bite off your nails if they’re painted and pretty. It’ll also help moisturize your cuticles bends and hands, especially when you’re having a winter wedding – the worst time of the year for cracked knuckles and red patches.

2. Go Natural:

Obviously this is completely opinion-oriented and based on your personal-preferences, but so long are the days of long, fake acrylics. Go with gel nail polishes or your natural length. It’ll be easier to upkeep, handle and you won’t have any uncomfortable moments during the wedding or honeymoon.

Nail Health Beauty

3. Coconut Oil:

Invest in coconut oil. Just like with your skin and hair, coconut oil will help your nails too. Use this on your hands daily for at least 3 months leading up to the big day. Trust me, you’ll thank us later when you don’t have one dry patch or rough cuticle in sight. This is our secret tip for wedding nails that are healthy and beautiful.

4. Vitamins:

Yes, even your nails can benefit from your vitamins. If you never took vitamins before, then this is the time to start doing so. The right kind of multi-vitamins can help your nails grow longer, your hair look shinier and your skin clearer and glowing.

Nail Health Beauty

6. Check the Shade:

You may think you know the color you want to go with on the day of, but don’t go without trying it. First, try it out on your nails and see how well it goes with your skin tone. Then hold your digits up against your wedding dress and make sure all three colors mesh well together and make for the perfect wedding day palette. Wedding day nails require the same dress rehearsal as the rest of the outfits.

7. Don’t forget:

The primer! Whether it’s paint on the walls of your house or paint on your nails, a strong foundation is a necessity for a smooth transition and solid coating. Make sure you manicurist doesn’t nix this integral part! My personal favorite primer? Butter’s Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat, worth the extra in price because it’s such a top-notch product.

8. SPF:

Just like your face and the rest of your body, rub some SPF on those hands too! Just like the sun and tanning beds can cause wrinkles in your face, your hands can get wrinkles too and no one wants that. Care for your hands everyday for a graceful, soft touch when it comes time to celebrate.

Nail Health Beauty




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