HANA air Professional Hair Dryer Best For Brides

I bet you’re thinking, “What’s a hair dryer got to do with wedding day beauty”, right? Well, you do want your hair to look exceptional on your wedding day, don’t you? Sure, but aren’t hair dryers all alike? Why would I need a special dryer for my special day? Here’s why I recommend Hana air Professional Hair Dryer.

My new hair dryer was delivered in record time and with free shipping, so I already love this company. I open the box and I am blown away (shameless pun, I know!) by what I find inside. A perfectly packaged, lightweight dryer with a super long cord that’s of a quality I’ve never seen before. I know, silly to be impressed by a cord…but you know how annoying those crappy cords can be when they get all tangled up like the old fashioned phone cords? This one is super long and really substantial, bit no to the extent that it encumbers use. There were a bunch of goodies included like a professional looking, very large round brush (I didn’t care for the smaller blue round brush, it was plastic and made my hair static ), free gifts like some rose shaped soaps, hand sanitizer and a few Paul Mitchell  styling products too. And all of these items were beautifully wrapped in satin bags and hand tied (perfect) bows.  It even came with a nice black velvet bag for traveling convenience or for storage (though you’ll never want to store this thing, trust me!). So far, so good. But still…it’s a dryer, what’s the big deal?


Misikko hair dryer
Misikko Professional Quality Hair Dryer

The big deal is that the HANA is like a supersonic hair dryer on steroids. Seriously. It not only dried my hair in record time, (something every woman needs more of, time) and was pretty quiet, but my hair was actually fuller, shinier, healthier looking with NO static and I used less product than usual. Go figure. Apparently Misikko incorporates some new ion technology into the manufacturing of these professional styling dryers.  Not sure how it works, just that is DOES. I confidently chucked my old drugstore hair dryer and, surprise, I don’t even need my old flat iron anymore either. My hair is soft, straight and looking fab.

Misikko’s website is easy to use and has more than just hair products. There’s makeup, skin care, nail polish, beauty tips and trends and you can add your name to their email list to get discounts and specials delivered directly to your in-box. Oh, and they sell my favorite, Model in a Bottle, which is a product no bride who wants long lasting makeup should be without. Plus, there are beauty experts available by phone to answer any questions/concerns which is huge for the beauty product challenged like me. Their customer service is super-charged, just like their products.

So, all of you soon-to-be brides out there,  (and you professional hair stylists too) add this gem to your arsenal of wedding day beauty products and look your best for the wedding and all of the years to follow, (which reminds me – there’s an awesome warranty too)! You and your dryer will be the perfect couple and you’ll live happily ever after, along with the new hubby, of course!

I’ve become a customer for life!