wedding skincare

5 Skincare Tricks For Your Wedding Day

wedding skincare


Whether you are the bride to be, bridesmaid, mother in law or just an excited guest hiding out in the back row. Everyone wants to look their best on a wedding.

Weddings are normally a chance to see people you haven’t seen in years, socialise and generally have a good time. Also with the endless stream of photo that’ll subsequently be uploaded to Facebook, looking your best can be a priority.

Here are some skincare tips to make you glow on your wedding day:

1.  Cut Down On Alcohol, Get Hydrated
Once you have any pre-wedding celebrations out of the way, quit the booze. Alcohol can dehydrate you, drying out your skin. If you give yourself two weeks before the big day to give your skin the chance to get hydrated and look it’s best. Don’t worry, you can indulge yourself on the big night!

2. Fill Up On Skin Loving Foods
Eating a varied healthy diet full of skin loving foods is a great way to get your skin into peak shape. Here are a range of ‘super’ skin foods to eat:

  • Avocado’s are full of  mono-unsaturated fat which plumps out the skin.
  • Pomegranates & Carrots are packed with Vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid) that is essential to the production of collagen, giving skin it’s firmness and strength.
  • Eggs natural contain Vitamin A another essential Vitamin for your skin.
  • Berries are full of Natural Antioxidants & phytochemicals that protect skin cells
  • Walnuts are full of Omega 3 oils which are vital for plump, flexible, young looking skin

3. Get Professional
There are great range of professional skincare products you can buy to help your skin look it’s best. One of our favourite’s is Dr Lewinns, as they base their philosophy on Credibility, Innovation & Performance. Meaning their products actually work.
professional skin care dr Lewinns

Dr Lewinns range of top skincare products can give your skin the boost it deserves for the special day. Often seen as an alternative to cosmetic surgery because they really do work, don’t believe me, check out this video review.

4. Rest & Relax
There is nothing that compares for making you look good than being properly rested and relaxed. Don’t stress yourself out looking for that perfect dress, last minute wedding gifts or who will be there. Get to bed early the night before with a warm cup of Green tea and get those 8 hours beauty sleep you deserve.

5. Eat More Fibre
Surprisingly enough digestion plays a key part in how your skin appears . Alongside a healthy diet, making sure your digestion is running smoothly affects how your skin appears. Yet most people don’t eat enough Fibre, with most Women needing 21 grams and most only having 12 grams. Add a little more wholemeal to your diet for that fibre boost.

So if you follow these tips your skin is sure to look it’s best so you can enjoy the big day, the next thing to worry about is forgetting your Great Auntie’s name.

Photos Courtesy of : Dermatology, Dr Lewinns