Making Yourself Perfect For Your Big Day By Any Means


Forget beach ready, it’s time to get wedding ready. While you may not be looking to change your looks dramatically, preparing for a wedding can be a fantastic excuse to get in shape, improve your diet, and feel so much better about yourself. Are you willing to do what it takes to make yourself perfect for your big day – by any means?

The Perfect Fit

Up to a year before the big day, consider the foods you eat and ask yourself this; how can I make this meal healthier? There are so many diets and meal plans out there, so find one that suits you as a couple. Drink plenty of water, limit caffeine and alcohol, and give up smoking. The sooner you realize that looking and feeling better is going to take such commitment, the better.

In terms of workout you don’t need to be embarking upon insanity, hitting the gym every day, or even promising to lose tens of pounds, but wouldn’t it be nice to fit into that wedding gown, or suit, a little more effortlessly? Taking up a new sport or activity, such as swimming, walking, hiking, or cycling, will help you to get fit, tone up, and lose a few pounds, as well as helping you to mentally prepare for the challenges of married life. Getting the right workout gear is absolutely vital here, and compression wear, like stockings, vests, shirts, and compression socks, will ensure that your body is supported whatever you decide to throw at it. If you’re not used to such exercise you will need to take extra care – no broken limbs before the big day, thank you!

Once you have your gown, or suit if you’re the groom, it’s essential to attend regular fittings, and you may even want to consider having alterations made to suit your personalities. These days it’s possible to personalize your wedding outfits in a number of ways, whether that means adding stitches, sewing on extra beads, or even dyeing fabric. It’s your wedding, your way.

Your Perfect Wedding Day: Mind, body, and Soul

Getting ready for your wedding is all about losing weight and looking good, right? Wrong. Saying, “I do” is a huge commitment, whilst preparing for marriage can take its toll on even the calmest person. If you want to have the best wedding day imaginable it’s essential to tackle stress, doubts, and moments of panic sooner, rather than later – and that goes for guests as well as the bride and groom. Activities such as yoga, Pilates, and meditation are great ways to take a moment to yourself, focus on what your wedding day could, and will be, and remind yourself of all the wonderful things that are coming up.

Remind yourselves, and members of the wedding party, to get plenty of sleep in the lead up to the big day, drink plenty of water, and keep meals small and simple to limit bloating. Looking good on your wedding day is as much about how you feel on the inside as it is the clothes you’re wearing; remember to breathe, taking a moment if you must before setting foot in the wedding venue.

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are another great way to reduce stress and unwind frayed nerves. Health spas are a fantastic venue for guys and gals, and will enable you to relax with your friends and family in plenty of time to stand at the altar with confidence – one can never underestimate the emotional healing potential of a sauna and hot tub.

And Finally…

When it comes to adding those finishing touches there are a few things you need to know. Brides, it is absolutely essential that you trial hair and make-up before the big day, allowing you to try out a few styles, ensuring you build a rapport with your stylist, and giving a hair or make up artist the opportunity to familiarize themselves with what you’d really like. Leaving everything until the big day itself would spell disaster – besides, wouldn’t it be nice to be pampered before your wedding day, too?

Other important details that shouldn’t be forgotten include buying the right underwear to slink into under your gown, perfectly manicured fingers for those ring shots, and a pedicure to be proud of, particularly if you’ve got open-toed shoes. While it’s tempting to go all out on your jewelry, remember this; you don’t want to be outshone on your big day, so keep the bling minimal.

Now, grooms, your personal care is also incredibly important. Make sure your hair is neatly cropped, beard is trimmed, and hands are well-moisturized prior to the day itself – there’s nothing worse than shaving rash or freshly cut, fluffy hair in wedding photos. Have you considered the kind of socks that will look good underneath your suit trousers, the cufflinks that you’ll be wearing, or the aftershave that will remind you and your new wife of your wedding day? It’s time to get started!

Your wedding day is going to be amongst the happiest, and most cherished, days of your time together as a couple, so make each moment in the lead up count; whether you’re honing and toning your body, preparing yourself mentally, or browsing magazines for fantastic wedding styles, achieving your perfect day by any means is going to involve a little work.