Beauty tips

We don’t know how you do it, but every time you see a bride she usually misses to do things which are considered to be the most important and before the wedding the rule is that the complexion usually suffers and we simply don’t know how this is done!

In your run for the best wedding dress and special details, you forget to remove the makeup as you really should and you play with the skin in such an unpleasant manner that it’s treated with some treatments which aren’t that great. And guess what? You recall that your complexion has to look great in a month before the wedding. How bad is that?

beauty tips

What you should do in this case? You have to definitely read this topic and try not to do these beauty mistakes! And see how we can arrange at least with a part of them and in a rapid manner.

Let’s start with basics shall we?
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Even if you don’t have a beauty routine as it should be before two months before the wedding try to respect a daily ritual of beautifying. Don’t forget to make your complexion clean during the morning and the nigh time, apply toning liquid and a face cream for the eyes.

Apply a protection cream during the day in order to make sure that you protect yourself from the damaging factors of the exterior. You’re going to see that if you respect this daily ritual your skin is going to look stupendous.

beauty tips 2

Degraded hair….

The story with the iron used for arranging the hair has brought many discomfort and dissatisfying looks. Don’t think to cut your hair; because your hair is not going to grow that fast if you have used some unpleasant treatments. On the other side, try applying for professional products that are going to help you repair the damage made and to confer your hair a healthy and refined air.

Unhealthy eating….

We know that you want to loose some weight before the wedding, but you won’t resolve anything if you skip meals and you’re not going to respect the alimentary principles. You’re going to observe that not only a healthy alimentation is going to make you face the stress of organizing the wedding.

The inappropriate haircut….

You thought that your hair is going to grow pretty fast, but this thing hasn’t happened up to this moment? Then it’s the case of applying for some extensions for the hair if you want to have long hair. But if you’re willing to make it, make sure that the aspect of your hair looks healthy and taken care of.

Less or more?

In the wedding day you have to make sure that you maintain a balance in the case of your makeup style. You don’t have to make it too subtle, because it’s going to get lost in the pictures, but this doesn’t mean that you have to make it too charged!