Look like Angelina Jolie in your wedding day

The next look that we suggest is inspired by Angelina Jolie on the red carpet of the Golden Globe Awards in 2007. She is a beautiful woman and most of the times she is dressed really refined and she’s watched as being an icon by most of her fans and the press. We’re going to present her hair style, make-up and pieces of jewelry and maybe this will be a starting point for the look you choose for the happiest day of your life.

look like Angelina Jolie in your wedding day

We start with presenting her hairstyle. She wears a magnificent loop, which is placed somewhere in the upper side of the head. This is a different type of loop, not like the ones presented up to this moment…. Also she doesn’t have hair partings.
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All the hair is concentrated in the back side of her head. Let’s also mention that this manner of arranging the hair is especially for highlighting all the beautiful features of your face and it makes you look divine, maybe like a princess ripped out the wonderful fairy tales.

We continue with the make-up. Her look is natural, but still a little bit elaborated in the same time. It’s a smart combination and it advantages her very much. The make-up foundation used is in a natural tone, very close to the natural skin color. The blush is used very little, only to give a touch of color to the complexion.

look like Angelina Jolie in your wedding day2

The eyebrows look really natural and you may apply for painting them if these aren’t underlined at all. The eyes have a small shade in the arcade area. There’s a touch of black eyeliner used in the exterior sides of the eyes. Also you may apply for highlighting these areas with the help of a pair of fine eye lashes, and that’s all regarding the eyes. The lips are next. For the lips use a fresh, nude tone and make them shine and look fresh as if you didn’t touch them not with even a little bit of lip gloss or lip stick.

We end with the pieces of jewelry used. She uses a nice pair of earrings with a necklace. Both of these elements are part of the same set. The jewelries have vintage touch and are made from golden material. The earrings match perfectly with the necklace’s medallion and it’s a very interesting deux piece.

We recommend you to use this kind of model in your wedding day too, because it looks really refined and elegant and it’s also interesting in the same time. it doesn’t matter if you use it in your wedding day and she used these in an award ceremony: it’s a special event and you need a special look, don’t you?

And this series of marvelous looks for your wedding day doesn’t end here. We have many more examples and we assure you that these are interesting as the ones up to this moment.