Natural curls or straight hair used with different bride accessories

Depending on what you choose to wear on your head, you must apply for a certain hairdo. So, what`s it going to be? Curly or straight hair? Or even a nice loop?


If you choose to wear a tiara on your wedding day you may want to apply for a loop, it makes you look special and have the aspect of a princess! Curls and straight hair are also a good idea for hair arrangement but seem to diminish you princess look like!
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As long as you wear a veil on that day, clearly you need a loop and variants with free curls and straight hair aren`t that useful, because you`ll have some problems when you choose to remove the veil! After all, no one will see your loosened hair if you choose to wear a veil!

Wearing a petit accessory in your hair can be possible also with a loop and loosened hair! No matter what hairdo you choose to apply for, make sure the detail in your hair can be seen by all and it is high lightened in a way or other!

A fresh flower can be a nice idea in wearing in your hair! If choose to wear such a flower, make sure you let your hair loosened and is in perfect coordination with the freshness of the chosen flower!


Short haired ladies can use a tiara or a veil, the flower isn`t that recommended! The flower and the small accessory are recommended to those that have long hair and can apply an interesting hairdo! Short hair doesn`t allow you to apply many hairdos, because of the dimension of the hair threads!

If you`re a modern person and simply don`t like the idea of having something on your head, and in your hair you can apply for an interesting hairdo and get rid of the veil or any other accessory!

Wearing an accessory on the head, especially the veil meant purity and the beginning of a new period! These ideas can be considered old fashioned by some, and it`s their choice if they want to apply for such accessories or not!

As you can see, the accessories you choose to wear must have a congruence with the hairdo you apply to, and before you finally decide to apply for a hairdo or another, make sure you do a rehearsal with the details you`ve chosen to wear and the hairdo you wish to apply for! See how do these two elements go together and you may still change them if you`re not happy with the result!


So, natural curls, straight hair or a nice looking loop? Many of us consider the loop very old fashioned, but it can look really modern if you know what details to apply to it! Natural curls and hairdos that don`t look elaborated at all are in trend in this year, so you can try to have such a hairdo with the accessories you want!