Eyebrows for brides

It’s important to know the way in which you contour the eyebrows; it can totally change the physiognomy and the aspect of the face. For example the thick and straight brows offer a severe air to the complexion, while some pretty arched eyebrows confer a relaxed air that facilitate the closeness between people. With their shape: curvy, plain or curved or even sharp the brows have the ability of calming or making the facial features seem relaxed or not.

eyebrows for brides

The shape that you give your eyebrows can change the mimic of your face. This is why for the wedding you have to think pretty well of this aspect. If you’re thinking of giving them a dye then you have to find a specialist that is really good and be sure that the result is going to be in such a manner that pleases you.
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You can have the very unpleasant surprise and observe that the tone of the dye applied to the brows isn’t suitable at all with your face features and eventually to panic now exactly before the wedding takes place and you have so many on your head. For instance, choosing the tone of the dye is made accordingly to the natural color of the hair of brows in order to avoid the aspect of a painted mask.

eyebrows for brides 2

With the help of a special brush try and comb your eyebrows making sure that you lead all the threads towards the exterior. After that, with a little sponge that is wet apply color beginning from the basis of the eyebrow. Next, comb them in their right place in the direction of their growth and continue with applying the color on their entire surface, following to realize a perfect arch not very curvy.

The mineral powder for the eyebrows is a cosmetic product that can be used for extending an incomplete contour of the eyebrows, or for completing the eyebrows with rare threads. It can be applied using the “dry” or “wet” technique with a very sharp brush in order to define and contour – being use for a delicate defining and in the detail of the lids. The wax for eyebrows makes the threads thinner and it orders them, conferring a natural shine.

eyebrows for brides 3

If you’re a brunette with dark hair and a darker skin tone, with features very well defined then you don’t have to worry pretty much in what concerns the eyebrows. It’s enough to confer them a natural shape, as natural as possible and brush them a little bit in such a manner that there aren’t rebel threads.

Try using as less as possible the contour kohl for the eyebrows. It’s not a recommended idea to make them look thicker through using crayon eyeliner. They look really vulgar especially in the day light where is the line dragged and it isn’t aesthetic at all!