Essential Health Tips For The Big Day

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. For many, this is more than the motivation they need to get into top shape. But, it’s certainly not the only reason. Your wedding day, the celebrations beforehand, and your honeymoon are going to to be physically strenuous. You’re going to need plenty of stamina. Right Path Fitness recommends offers brides to be the following tips:

You Can’t Outrun Your Fork

If you’re trying to get into shape for your wedding, it’s important to know the role that diet and exercise play. Eating a healthy diet and cutting your calories will lead to weight loss. If you add a healthy workout routine, you’ll tone your muscles, burn fat, and improve your figure.

Keep in mind that you cannot exercise your way out of poor food choices. Here’s an example. In order to burn off the calories in a single Big Mac, you would have to run five miles.

Use a Personal Trainer

There are many reasons to invest in a qualified personal trainer.

  • They’ll teach you to use the proper form. This will maximize your results and help you avoid injury.
  • They can design a plan around your needs.
  • Personal trainers provide motivation and encouragement when you need it most.
  • They can help you to set fitness goals.

Personal trainers don’t work for free, but most have very flexible options. There are even trainers who provide their services online.

Decrease Your Sugar Intake

Cutting out pastries and ice cream is a no brainer. Unfortunately, your diet could be full of hidden sugar. High carb foods such as white bread quickly break down into sugar in your body. Then there are fruit juices. A glass of orange juice isn’t much better than soda pop when it comes to sugar content. Granola bars are often nothing more than glorified cookies.

Focus on Core Strength

Your core is the group of muscles in the center of your body. This includes your abs, back, chest, even your pelvic floor. Virtually everything you do places a demand on your core muscles. You use them to walk, dance, stand, maintain balance, bend over, etc.

Now, imagine how many of those things you’ll be doing at your wedding. By building good core strength, you’ll have the strength and stamina that you need.

Eat Healthy Nutrient Dense Food

If you’re going to cut calories, you’ll need to maximize your nutrients per calorie. Salmon, spinach and other leafy green vegetables, blueberries, sweet potatoes, and quinoa are examples of relatively low calorie foods with powerhouse nutrient levels.

Enjoy Your Big Day!

Remember that a healthy, happy bride is a beautiful bride.