Essential rules for bridal beauty

Bridal beauty is a concept that is not related only to the wedding day, it is something that affects your life in general. For instance, you know very well your beauty routines and how suitable they are for you, bur in most of the cases accidents happen. Of course, being a woman involves experimenting all the time and testing all kinds of beauty products, but don’t exaggerate with these, especially if you are around your bridal day, because you can end up loosing!
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Now, we would like to take into account the summer season and if you decide to take your wedding reception during this period, then you have to pay attention to your skin and the beauty products that you use.

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Essential rules for bridal beauty

You know very well how dramatic can be the changes in the weather on your skin and on your health in general. Summer is all about showing off and emphasizing your best assets, not forgetting about the others in the same time. This warm period asks for extra body care and you have to be really careful, especially due to the rough conditions that can be in the air. Here is how you can avoid some of the most common mistakes that women do in general and we hope you will take into account our pieces of advice and end up with the most effective way for bridal beauty.

Staying too much under the sun beams, especially in the bridal day – if you decide for an open air wedding – can affect your makeup sometimes irremediably. You know that sweat cannot be controlled if your skin is sensitive to warm temperatures, and after all, it’s a really natural thing to eliminate water. A simple hand placed on the forehead can ruin your bridal makeup and make the makeup foundation disappear. For this matter, try to reduce as much as possible the bridal makeup products that you use and your general aspect entirely – especially if we’re speaking about a wedding ceremony that takes place under the sky. We recommend you to use a moisturizing cream with pigments or even one that has solar protection and let us not forget about a little bit of powder.

Your complexion is going to look similar to porcelain and you will have a flawless bridal makeup, the most important thing of all. Also, the blush that you add on the skin is going to penetrate your skin easily creating a uniform look.

Essential rules for bridal beautyCredit
Essential rules for bridal beauty

Think of the extra hours spent under the sun and how this affects your skin, not only the complexion, but also the body skin. You want your skin to remain smooth and soft and this means paying extra attention to your hands, to your heels and the elbows of course. Use a special glove for scrubbing together with a special gel once a week and you see the results immediately after. Also, the procedure doesn’t end here, because you want to be a natural bridal beauty, don’t you? Continue with adding a moisturizing body lotion, because it will absorb step by step and try to use it in a smaller quantity, because it’s fatter.

As for the legs, before going to sleep spread some moisturizing cream then put on a pair of cotton socks and this means fine and gentle heels and legs.

Tanning is another important thing at the level of bridal beauty. Nothing can ruin your bridal makeup more than an artificial bronzer that is not applied as it should be. The orange palms or the trails that it leaves behind will be very noticeable in contrast with your gorgeous bridal gown. For this matter, it is better to use the artificial bronzer before sleeping in order to offer it the right time for entering your skin.
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Also before applying it, try to exfoliate your skin, which will make you get rid of the dead cells that have appeared on the surface of the skin and this means spreading the bronzer in a uniform manner. If in this case also you realize that you still have got some trails of artificial bronzer, then exfoliate the skin again and apply the product once again, preponderantly on the areas that look whiter. Do not forget to use your bronzer in a natural way as possible, which means to apply it on the areas of the body where the sun does not usually “get”.

These are some key elements that are related to bridal makeup and bridal beauty in general. Don’t forget: you are not putting on the dress and that’s that! But on the contrary, you have to look flawless from head to toe!