Makeup styles for brides

This fall’s brides are happy because you can observe lots of makeup styles that are full of personality and that will definitely make you feel gorgeous with them on. Your personality is the most important element when it comes to applying eye colors, you can definitely take into account several details that concern makeup styles and in the end you’re going to end up looking just fine.

Those who have passions for vintage trends you can observe different styles for which you can apply for and take examples from Dior, Dolce & Gabana or even Nina Ricci.

In the lines to come we’re going to take into account different styles that you can apply for in your wedding day and if you want to feel special you definitely have to apply for some of these.

makeup styles for brides

If you imagine yourself a character from the 20s and your dress brings you with the idea of the hot nights in which they danced Charleston, from the obligatory dates of the makeup you shouldn’t miss using pale makeup foundation, dark red lips in shape of heart and accentuated eyes with a black contour and also dramatic shadows in borrowed colors from the sepia photos of your grandmother, a blush intense applied on the center of the cheek and thin eyebrows, that in this time it doesn’t matter if they’re more or less descendent.
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Attention, the attitude is obligatory: chin on the shoulder, your arched neck and eyes towards the sky and don’t forget to move your false eyelashes. Exercise after images and photos from movies without sound.

Between the decades of the 20th century, intense defined by a shimmering spirit, the 40s can be brought in memory through makeup: gold and fresh skin that is colored with the help of red or orange in your cheeks, eye contour in darker tones, a shadow in the exterior corner, colors used in shimmering colors and loose themselves towards the tall eyebrows, which are painted naturally, false eyelashes at the end of the eyes and big lips, perfect in crimson red. The photos of the actresses like Veronica Lake are going to surely help you. It’s a suitable aspect for everyone, it’s simple and with extra effect.

makeup styles for brides 2

A third trip in time, in full disco époque this time, for documenting yourself with the most loved tendencies of this fall, this will bring you directly in the year 1985, when the video of Robert Palmer “Addicted to Love” appeared. This relaxed attitude and impassible of the girls from the clip, which have makeup and hairstyles with the perfect complexion, in a matte beige, the cheeks marked elegantly with cheek powder….