Bridal hair flowers

Between the numerous accessories that can be placed on the head and which are named of course bridal headpieces we also feel like mentioning some things about bridal hair flowers, which seem to us great to take into account in the case in which you’re not into wearing bridal veils and in the same time you don’t want to remain with the hair uncovered, without just a little accessory.

The bridal hair flowers are really exquisite looking in general and we totally recommend them to you, because they offer you an exotic and juvenile aspect in the same time. First comes the hair placed in an updo or a hairstyle that involves uncovering an ear and exactly above the ear you can place the bridal hair flower and this is the look you’re going to en up with.

We also have to mention that there are multiple flower types for which you can apply for…. In most of the cases these are made in white, in perfect coordination with the wedding dress. contrary to the “in general” statement, we would like to start with the first example of bridal hair flower, which is made in black tone and we’re sure that it’s blended with at least one little detail on the surface of the wedding dress. Besides being a hair flower this one has feather details in it….
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From black bridal hair flowers we jump directly to white ones, which are appropriate with the style and color of the wedding dress. For instance, there’s this white bridal flower we want to mention about firstly and it consists of an arrangement made of two flowers and it’s done of semi transparent fabric with embroidered details on. It’s a fine accessory, which can be easily placed on one side of your bridal hairstyle.

There’s another option…. One consisting of a single flower made of semi transparent fabric and with a glittery details in the middle. All around this flower bud you can observe fine feather attachments, which we’re sure you’re going to find pretty interesting in combination with the other details.

The only thing that differs from a bridal hair flower arrangement to another is the shape of the flower, which realizes the arrangement. For instance, there are some bridal hair flowers, which are made in shape of roses, other have the shapes of daisies and so on…. Also, the quantity of fabric involved in them is also a defining detail: some are made only of one thin layer of fabric and others of multiple layers and without any additions of embroidery or feathers! The only thing that you have to consider is the elements on your wedding dress and that’s about it!