Wedding hairstyles for a summer wedding

Realizing an open air wedding should not be a hard thing at all, especially if the warm and sunny weather outside offers all its light and positive vibe. If we’re speaking about a summer wedding, then you need to know that you have got all the reasons in this world to be happy and go with the flow. By this we mean that you have to enjoy yourself as much as possible and there are certain tricks through which you can feel even more comfortable and great.
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First of all, the bridal gown that you wear is really important, you have to choose one that is loosened on the body and is made in a very comfortable manner, as well as from thin fabric. You also need to know that the fabric quality is essential! If it’s designed in natural components, then your skin will not sweat that much and so, you are going to feel marvelous.

wedding hairstyles for a summer weddingCredit
Wedding hairstyles for a summer wedding

But this isn’t the main subject of our review. Besides the bridal gown and the makeup, which does not have to involve too many products on the face, we would like to stop at the level of the wedding hairstyles that can be taken into account if you do not want your hair to look sweaty and too affected by the sun.

So, for an open air wedding that takes place in the middle of summer, the hairstyle and the bridal makeup can turn out to be really big problems if you do not make sure that you have made the appropriate pick. As a bride, you want to look at your best and the bridal hairstyle should look at its best under the warm sun beams.

The messy hairstyle is not going to let you down at all! You know very well that in an open air wedding the weather cannot be that helpful in some cases and for this matter, we recommend something that is not to be ruined by the outside conditions. So, a messy bridal hairstyle can turn out to be the look that you have always been dreaming of, especially if your wedding reception takes place between friends. You are going to look as if you just arranged your hair, but this is something sexy in the same time.

Spread the hair on two sides with a hair parting in the middle side of your hair and if it ends up in the right or left side, don’t worry! Try to confer the hair volume somewhere at the roots, because in this manner it will look extra voluminous. Not only are you going to look sexy, but really refined in the same time and in the end everybody is going to appreciate your look.

wedding hairstyles for a summer weddingCredit
Wedding hairstyles for a summer wedding

The easiest solution for your bridal hairstyle not to be modified by the wind blowing is applying for short hair. In order to make such a pick, the brides have to feel comfortable and this is also a matter of daring in the same time. we have observed how lately more and more celebrities take into consideration such a bridal hairstyle and our piece of advice, if you do not want to look older than you are is too apply for letting the hair breathe and look as natural as it is possible, which means that you are not to add hairstyle products in it.

Another idea for having a natural and comfortable look with short hair is to renounce to the hair drier and use the appropriate styling products.

Here’s another great idea that we have to offer to you and it is related to the dry shampoo, which is a really in trend product in our days. Use it if you want to absorb some humidity. It can add some texture and fineness to the hair and this is a big plus. For a more great look, spray it at the roots of your hair, after it has dried in a natural manner, then place your fingers in it making it messy, but really sexy in the same time.

We have seen so many women who have taken into account a short hairstyle for their bridal day and we sincerely think that it’s a great idea if you want to make the difference!

Braided hair is also in trend and great to apply for if we’re speaking about an open air wedding. As long as you leave the hair loosened or with natural curls in it, we do not see why you shouldn’t look gorgeous with such a hairstyle.