Beauty Tips for Summertime Brides

After what seems like years of planning, your wedding day is finally coming up this summer. While you are thrilled to be getting married during such a sunny and beautiful time of the year, you are also a bit concerned about how the hot weather might wreak havoc on your makeup. In addition, you know you might shed a few happy tears during the day, and you want to be sure you don’t end up looking like the Queen of Goth.

In order to look positively radiant and get through your big day no matter how hot it is outside, check-out the following tips:

Pamper Your Skin

In order for your skin to glow on your wedding day, it is important to start caring for it well in advance. As a leader in health and beauty, Amway recently published a blog post that offers a timeline for pre-wedding skin care. According to it, about one month before your wedding you should consider doing an intensive renewing treatment that will help your skin to look smoother and more hydrated. Amway’s Artistry Intensive Skincare 14-Night Restore Program is a great product that, when used for two weeks in a row, can help give you youthful looking skin that will look amazing on your special day and in your wedding photos.

Avoid Moisturizers for the Day

Regardless of whether you are getting married indoors or outside, the day will probably be warm. Skip the moisturizer on your wedding day, and consider using an oil-free primer before you start putting on your cosmetics. The primer will help the makeup to hold up throughout the entire day. If you like to use foundation, choose an oil-free formula and apply it with a foundation brush, following up with a light powder.

Watch the Bronzers

Yes, summertime and sun-kissed skin go hand in hand. But you may want to avoid using bronzers on your wedding day. Many bronzers have a lot of shimmer to them, which can end up looking shiny in photos. If you absolutely want to use a bronzer, opt for a matte powder rather than a cream or liquid, and try it out well ahead of time to be sure it’s not super shimmery. If you’re still unsure, consider doing a pre-wedding photoshoot or testing out your makeup during your bridal session.

Choose Colors Based on the Summer Season

When choosing which colors to use for your lipstick, eyeshadow and more, it is best to go with shades that will complement your bridesmaids’ dresses and also the summer season. Shades of pink for your lipstick will look more appropriate than heavy red or maroon. Go for lighter eye shadow colors rather than the smoky eye look that might be more appropriate for a winter evening wedding. No matter what shade you choose for your mascara, make sure it is a waterproof variety—water resistant probably won’t cut it on your big day, when you’ll likely cry those big happy tears. In addition, waterproof mascara will not start to run if the day is especially humid or a summertime rainstorm comes along as you are dashing to your car with your sweetie.

Pack an Emergency Kit

To be sure you make it through your big day with no makeup emergencies—not to mention with fresh and minty breath—create or purchase a bridal emergency kit. You can buy one from David’s Bridal that includes 21 must-have items including an emery board, stain remover, a small bottle of hairspray and much more. You can also make one with your favorite breath mints, safety pins, blotting tissues and the makeup you are using that day, in case you need to do a quick touchup.

Enjoy Your Day

Summertime weddings are always beautiful. With some pre-planning, you will look radiant as well. If you take good care of your skin well ahead of time and use products that are not heavy and oily, you will glow with happiness during the ceremony, reception, and photoshoot.