7 Tips To Throwing The Perfect Bridal Shower

Throwing a bridal shower is usually the responsibility of the maid of honor as well as the bridesmaids. With a task as important as a bridal shower you do not want to let the bride down. Here are 7 tips to ensure that your bridal shower is not a bust.

Tip #1: Creating a List
A party is only as good and the guests you have at it. So make sure that you speak with the bride early on and get her list of guests that she would like at the shower. Having the people that she cares most about at the shower will ensure it is a success not matter what else happens.

Tip #2: Picking a Theme
Most bridal showers have a theme such as a tea party, garden, around the clock etc. Selecting a shower theme it makes it easy to coordinate the invitations, food, games as well as your gift bags. So a theme not only makes the party more fun but it makes it easier to plan.

Tips #3: Creating The Invitations
When it comes to the bridal shower invitations you will want to find a shower invite that matching the theme you have selected. It is also a very nice touch to try an incorporate the bride’s wedding colors into the invites as well.

Tip #4: Selecting The Games
The games at a bridal shower are one of the most important parts of any bridal shower. The games help break the ice and get the guests talking. A good idea is to start with games that force the different guests to interact so that they can get to know one another.

Tip #5: What To Eat
Bridal showers do not need to have a full course meal but you should provide plenty of finger foods as well as snacks. The foods should match the theme you have decided to go with. For example if you have decided on a carnival theme having cotton candy, caramel covered apples, and funnel cakes would be a great idea.

Tip #6: Shower Favors
A nice finishing touch to any bridal shower is to have a small favor for each guest to take home. The favor can be something as simple as a cutely decorated cookie to a manicure set. With the favors, it is the thought that counts.

Tip #7: Thank You Cards
Even though the bride is actually the one responsible for sending out the thank you cards a good bridesmaid will also have matching thank you cards ready for bride on the day of the shower. This helps the bride stay on top of one of the most important items of the entire day.