Look like Anne Hathaway in your wedding day

Every bride has to have a perfect look in her wedding day! When we say “perfect” our mind goes immediately towards those movie stars and celebrities on the red carpet; they look perfect up to the tiniest detail. When it comes to makeup, hairstyle and jewelry that caught our eyes immediately, our mind goes towards Anne Hathaway in the Oscars in 2009.

The bridal hairstyle inspired by Anne Hathaway’s look consists of an elegant updo, which is done in a very comfortable, yet elegant manner in the back side of the head – covering the ear lobe and the complexion. The updo is created in interesting waves and this demonstrates the fact that the hairstyle doesn’t inspire perfection – it looks as if it’s made in a comfortable way! Of course, there are many brides who would want to look in this way in the big day and this is one of the great options that we want to offer to you for the big day.

look like Anne Hathaway in your wedding day

In order to have a perfect look in the wedding day, you have to make sure that every little detail and aspect is taken into account. The bridal makeup is also really important. In case you have big eyes, similar to those of Anne Hathaway you can apply for emphasizing them with black eyeliner, no matter if you use powder or liquid – a well known secret for highlighting the eyes.

For making the eyes to simply pop out, one can apply for adding mascara in the upper lashes and this will make the eyes be emphasized and highlighted. Also, if the idea of using black eyeliner doesn’t seem to suit you well enough, there’s always that option in which you can use instead of this product an eye color and so, the final visual effect is outstanding.

Being so concentrated on this type of makeup, we sincerely forgot to take into account the basic elements as well. And we’re referring to those related to the use of makeup foundation – in this case there’s the need to using one that looks really natural and that offers you the impression of porcelain skin. The cheeks have to be emphasized through the use of blush in warm tone, maybe orange.

look like Anne Hathaway in your wedding day2

Red lipstick seems to be more and more used for bridal makeup and you k now just how important it is for obtaining a vintage look – if you want to look so.