The Top 5 Ways to Look Good from Top to Bottom on your Wedding Day


With the amount of effort going into making your wedding the event of a lifetime, looking absolutely perfect throughout the day is of the utmost importance. There are many things which go into looking picture perfect as you walk down the aisle, and it’s the little touches which make the whole look work. Whether it’s your hair, your makeup or your shoes, there is a lot to consider before your big day.

The Dress
The dress is obviously one of the biggest considerations for your wedding, and with good reason. Whether you go for a princess dress, a ball gown or an empire dress is entirely up to you, though by-and-large this will come down to your body type. Just make sure you pick your dress as early as possible to make sure you can match the rest of your ensemble to the centrepiece of your look.

The Hair
The hair can be a tricky one – find a hairdresser you like and trust, and make sure that they know your hair. Trying a new hairdresser before your big day can be a recipe for disaster. Talk to them about your wedding dress, and show them a picture. You can discuss which way to best wear your hair with that dress, making sure you have all the details down before the big day.

The Shoes
The shoes are an integral part of any outfit and your wedding day is no exception. Whether you go for peep-toed summer shoes, heels or pumps, there is always the question of colour. Ivory satin and silk are time-honored favorites, though golds and silvers are always popular too. If you’re looking for designer bridal shoes make sure you find a pair with memory foam lining and breathable fabric. You need to make sure that you’ll be comfortable on your big day, and nothing is more miserable than walking down the aisle trying not to wince. Also, make sure you get your bridal shoes before you start making any alterations to your dress, as wearing shoes will naturally affect your hemline and ground clearance.

The Jewelry
Your choice of jewelry will vary heavily depending on your choice of dress. Be careful to avoid clashing colours – if you’re in a bright white dress you should avoid gold; if you’re in an ivory gown, feel free to add some gold touches. The best advice really is to just be yourself, but be careful about going overboard if you’re a fan of chunky necklaces or giant earrings – these can overpower and detract from the dress.

The Makeup
Your makeup should be one of the easiest things to work out, especially as you can trial this before the big day. Once you’ve booked your venue you can anticipate the climate and lighting, plan your primers, your colors and even pick your makeup artist. Trial the makeup, take a few photos and see how it comes out. Don’t forget to bring some touch-up products with you on the big day – as long as you use good quality makeup, a couple of blotting sheets and your lip colour should generally be enough.