Learn more about the black and white bridal makeup

Something that will help you complete your elegant and classy wedding look would be a black and white bridal makeup. Brides usually give a special importance to this matter, so if you are interested to learn more about a glamorous and beautiful type of bridal makeup, then follow us and get informed.
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Makeup should not turn into a very complicated ritual. With only two shades, black and white, you can create a sophisticated evening look worthy of a movie diva. All you need is some imagination and more precision in applying makeup. Being an evening makeup, applying black and white shadow on your eyelids requires a uniform and matt complexion. Therefore, before proceeding to make up the eyelids, make sure that your skin is well powdered.

Do not forget to apply a generous layer of powder under the eye. As they say, black is the enemy of painting and by extension of makeup too. To obtain maximum contrast between the two colors, you will need a base. So, color the entire mobile eyelid with white eyeliner. Smoothly equalize the layer of color, using a brush. This will give strength and adhesion to your wedding makeup.

Finish the result with a matte white pearl that you can distribute evenly throughout the whole mobile eyelid and brow bone, using a wide eye shadow brush. Since makeup lines must be very precise, if you are a beginner you can outline the external corner of the eyelid with a beige pencil, i.e. before using eyeliner.

Start the eyelid makeup with black, by tracing a fine line, as close to the eyelashes. Draw with pencil, the external corner and the eyelid fold. Then, you should blur the lines drawn with a brush. Over the well defined and blurred colour, apply a layer of black eye shadow. At the end, you can stress the result with an eye liner.

Learn more about the black and white bridal makeupCredit
Learn more about the black and white bridal makeup

For this makeup you will need a black mascara to increase the volume and the intensity of your eyes. You will get a sophisticated effect, by using a white crayon on the inner eyelids. It is obvious that only a red lipstick can complete this black and white bridal look.

In the end, once you have started things in a certain way you should finish them likewise; to be more precise, if black and white is your thing, then apply these shades with every occasion you encounter.