Look younger as a bride

Before being a bride you have to make sure that you’re a good looking woman that is really healthy and makes sure she always looks great. On top of all, you have to make sure that you look great in the big day and that you’re on top of all when it comes to beauty!

look younger as a bride

Make sure you take proper care of your skin….

The skin needs also proper care. The gels with the particles and all those scrubs can help your skin get cleaned of all the impurities on the face and on the body skin.
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In this way you’re going to get rid of dead cells on your skin and reduce the shine of the skin. Only these can help your skin have more collagen. Of course, before peeling don’t forget to remove the makeup on the skin. After peeling apply a hydrating cream on the face.

For example, the glycerin and the hyaluronic acid redo the level of hydration of the skin and the products with retinoid can repair the problems caused by aging. Besides such cosmetic products you can use natural remedies for hydrating, like olive oil that reduces the wrinkles caused by the dehydrated skin.

look younger as a bride 2

Of course, you shouldn’t forget to use a hydrating cream on the rest of the body and more important, daily don’t forget to hydrate the skin face, the neck and the hands. Maybe you’ve noticed that there are persons that have an apparently young skin and the neck and hands seem to be really old. So, if you don’t want to be between these people don’t forget to hydrate yourself.

Contour the eyebrows!

It’s amazing how much it depends on the eyebrows the perceptions of others over our skin and this means to offer proper care to your eyebrows. If your eyebrows have an inappropriate shape, these are going to make you look older or even create a sad look.

Don’t tweeze them in an exaggerate manner, because after a while they’re going to grow much difficult and it’s not going to be that easy to offer them a correct shape. If your eyebrows are thick though, tweeze them up to obtaining a pretty contour, a natural look and in the same time a much more interesting look.

look younger as a bride 3

So keep in mind: if you don’t tweeze them too much and you use for correcting them an eyebrow crayon then can also make you look younger.

Highlight your eyes!

The lashes which are pretty well contoured with the help of mascara are going to emphasize your eyes pretty fast. You can apply for the following trick: use an instrument that makes the eyelashes be curly and do it after the mascara is dry.

And don’t forget: don’t go out of the household without mascara. Finish your makeup by adding a touch of blush that makes you look younger instantly with the condition of choosing the right tone.