6 Skincare Must-Have’s For the Bride-to-Be


For months leading up to the wedding, brides are prepping, pampering and planning. Before you start taking a peek at hairstyles and wedding day makeup though, you’ll need to focus on your skin and create a regime that makes for a clear and glowing look come the big date. And that all starts with the right products. For months leading out to the vow swap, you’ll want to gather up the right ingredients and take care of everything from your forehead to your décolletage. Take a peek at these 8 skincare must-have’s for the bride-to-be and snag what you need!


Facial Cleanser: Aveeno Positively Radiant Brightening Cleanser, $5.99 Target


We’re big fans of Aveeno because it works with so many skin types, especially the sensitive ones. It’s light, it’s delicate and it gets out all the dirt from all the nooks and crannies. It’s important you start with the right kind of cleanser in building your skincare regime, so keep that in mind when shopping around.

Cleansing Brush: Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush, $89.50 Ulta



You’ll want to invest in a great cleansing brush. This one is a bit more affordable than others on the market but works just as great. It gets blood pumping throughout your face and neckline, pulling away the dirt, hitting hard to reach places and working nicely with any cleanser you choose!

Anti-Wrinkle Cream: Eucerin Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Sensitive Skin Creme, $6.51 Amazon


It’s truly never too early to begin using anti-wrinkle cream, especially when you’re one that loves the sun. Stop wrinkles from worsening or happening with the use of a creme that will moisturize, soften and firms the skin.

Under Eye Cream: Puff Off! Benefit Cosmetics, $29 Sephora


Say goodbye to those bags for good with the help of the right under eye cream as well. Start using something that works, like Puff Off! from Benefit Cosmetics and clear away the darkness and puffiness before your big day comes to call.

Acne Spot Treatment: Burt’s Bees Natural Acne Solutions Spot Treatment Cream, $9.99 Target


You’ll want something on hand that will attack pop-up breakouts in a pinch – without flaring it or drying your skin out. Look for something light and natural, like this Burt’s Bees treatment! You don’t want redness or random pimples showing up on your wedding day.

Eye Mask: Dragons Blood Eye Masks, $39 Ulta


For when restless nights come to call or the stress of planning makes you look at tired as you feel, invest in the right kind of eye patch or mask that will rejuvenate you. No one will know the anxiety may be getting at you a bit if you have the right tools.