Points in bridal shower parties

The bridal showers are not the kind of parties to be held on the entire globe, but as the time has passed these seem to gain more and more popular.
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In what does such a party consist in? First of all, you have to know that in this party, there will be only women; the ones attending the wedding of course and the close friends of the bride are the ones that organize this event. This type of party is really popular in the United States of America regions and in Canada as well. Also, as we mentioned previously, more and more countries tend to get this custom of organizing bridal showers and women are really interested in every little detail of such events.

Also, we have to recall the customs in some weddings, in which these supposed gifts are offered in the wedding day to the bride and groom. In some countries, instead of gifts, there are offered money placed in envelopes! As you can see the traditions and customs vary pretty much, but let us focus only on the aspect of bridal showers, because we have been asked to offer as many details as possible regarding these.

points in bridal shower partiesCredit
Points in bridal shower parties

The bridal party shower, as just mentioned, is in fact a reunion of the women who will attend the wedding and in these surroundings they are expected to have fun, chit chat, exchange funny gifts and dance.

So, the bride’s best friends are the ones who organize the bridal party shower and they have to be prepared down to the tiniest detail if you ask us – this is a must do, from our perspective. Not only do they have to ensure that all the women attending the wedding are going to show up in their bridal shower, but they also have to ensure every little detail.

The bridal shower theme parties

Before getting to the other details that concern a bridal shower party, we thought it would really be a great idea to start with the basic thing, which is related to the theme of the bridal shower party. The theme of a bridal shower party can be a funny one or on the contrary, you can get your role seriously and organize an event that has details based on the proper wedding ceremony.

Sincerely, we would recommend a funny theme as to create the impression of a really detached event, one that didn’t involve too many problems when it comes to its organization. The funnier your event is, the greater your guests will feel and they will remain with a really nice recollection of what you have organized.

bridal shower invitationCredit
Bridal shower invitation

The bridal shower invitations

So, after picking the theme of your bridal shower party, you have to ensure that you realize your invitations in order to get the guests come at the event you have in mind for organizing. It’s simpler to make the bridal shower invitations if you keep in mind our piece of advice concerning the bridal shower invitation. For instance, if you have chosen a marine theme for the party, you can also apply for bridal invitations beach theme.

Depending on how serious or how fun you want the event to be, you can offer this impression or this look on the invitation as well, in order for the future guests to know what they have to expect for.

The bridal shower favors

From the bridal shower invitations we get to the bridal shower favors. These have to reflect the theme of the bridal shower party as well, but in the same time they have to constitute a reminder for those attending the event. You can take into account comestible wedding favors, or on the contrary ones that are not for being consumed, but which have on them the note referring to the bridal shower!

Like in the case of the normal wedding favors, these two can be represented of jars, sweets, small bags, useful objects, bottle openers, small figurines or even fruits!

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Bridal shower favors

The bridal shower clothing

Well, this chapter is not quite a “must know” detail when it comes to bridal showers. Of course, if you have a particular theme for your party, in this case you will be able to ask the attendants to wear a particular type of clothing. If you haven’t made up your mind on a theme for the party, then the clothing shouldn’t represent an important issue for this event.

Then there’s also the matter of the bridal shower party games

Well, these depend on your expectations…. If you want to maintain your guests interested and entertained, then we don’t see any difficulties in you applying for different funny games!