Beautiful corsages

We promised to take care of all the details and that’s what we intend on doing with this topic. We will discuss about the bracelet that the maids of honor and some of the female participants wear. These should also look great and made in interesting models too…. So here’s how we start our list with interesting models of corsages….

beautiful corsages

The first suggestion is made entirely of small pearls and marbles. There are flowers made of light and spice pink marbles, which blend really great together into creating a good looking flower with big petals. There are also the leaves, which are made of pink marbles and create a rather big arrangement. It looks delightful on the hand, but make sure that it fits with the gown that person wears.

Another interesting model would consist of an artificial rose with pearls on it and underneath it there are also artificial leaves and a thread of transparent ribbon. This one is placed on a bracelet made of shiny marbles. The combination of colors is also pink and green and as the last time and make sure that it fits with the dress you’re wearing.

beautiful corsages2

This example is similar to the first one presented. There are also little marbles involved…. This time it’s a beautiful rose made of pink marbles and around it you can see some daisies made of white ones. The leaves are made of green marbles and around them you should wrap a transparent ribbon which ends with a bow tie. The effect is guaranteed and you can be sure that this will attract all the looks, but not as much as your dress will.

beautiful corsages3

This other example is simple. It is made of small white roses which are recollected together in a petit bouquet and the corsage is wrapped around the hand with the help of a transparent and white ribbon. At the basis of this bouquet you can also see some pieces of ribbons that may end also in bows.

As you can see, we have some interesting models for you, as usual. We promise to continue this vast list, hoping that we will attract your interest also…. We feel like mentioning all the time that you should pay attention to the colors your dress has and the corsage you pick. You can adopt a minimal style with small flowers and fine details or an extravagant touch with big flowers and many details around these.

beautiful corsages4

We also hope you express your opinion, as usual, and tell us what you’re really interested in; if it’s not here yet, you can be sure that that topic will be treated as soon as possible. When it comes to corsages we recommend you combinations like pink and green, pink and white or combination of strong tones and colors….