Dresses worn by the brides after the wedding dress

After the vast religious ceremony, the bride and groom must go and party! Well, the bride can`t remain all day long in her wedding gown, it may be a discomfort for her, so after a while she may want to wear a special dress, in which she feels better….


A dress that may be worn at the party and maintain the elegant and pompous line of the wedding gown, can be a red dress, made out of taffeta of silk with some applications! The red color will certainly make you look radiant and everybody will admire you! The dress is designed like dresses from fairy tales! In the upper side a corsage and in the down side a voluptuous skirt…..
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The element that highlight the beauty of his gown and that you look like a princess is the tiara made out of golden elements and the sandals, also in golden nuance! Just wonderful!

Another wonderful variant is that dressed composed out of one shoulder corsage in a pink pale nuance, with a nice application on one side, and the skirt, pompous, with a short trail, made out of tulle of silk in a green pale nuance! The image is regal! You certainly won`t need accessories for this wonderful dress, it is accessorized by its appearance!


If your thin and don`t have big breasts, this dress will certainly suit you perfectly! A long dress, made out of silk, with long sleeves and a trail! The back and the sleeves made out of a transparent material with embroideries with crystals and some flower patterns here and there! Wonderful and certainly good looking on you!

Do you want to keep the white line of the wedding gown? Then this dress in baroque style from silk and lace with embroidery and crystals will certainly fit you! It has nice applications on the bust area and on the hands! It is feminine and certainly will fit every body dares to wear it! It`s just taking away your breath!

And a final proposal is a dress made out of elastic satin with applications and embroideries! Its warm golden nuance helps you look calm and sexy in the same time, it has here and there some flower applications in purple color, not too daring, not too soft! It is on one shoulder, it is stretched under the bust and the shoulder area to underline your feminine body!


It`s long and reveals your beautiful hands, neck face and bust! You`ll look wonderful, the best woman at the party, even if you don`t continue to wear the wedding dress!