Monetary Wedding Gifts: What Is The Appropriate Amount?


u3eeh6g8cli-erik-stineMonetary gifts are increasingly common wedding presents. They eliminate the hassle of dealing with the registry and provide the bride and groom with what they need: money. However, many wonder what the appropriate money amount is to give the happy couple. Let’s find out:

Your Relationship To The Couple

The amount of money you give largely depends on your relationship with the couple. If they are some of your closest friends or family members, giving $100 or more is appropriate. If they are friends or distant relations that were kind enough to think of you when they were making their guest list, $50 is just fine.

Your Budget

How much money you give the bride and groom also depends on your financial situation. If your bank account is not where you would like it to be or you are otherwise financially strapped, no one is going to judge you for giving what you can afford. If all you can afford is $40 or $50, that’s just fine. The point is you made an effort! Besides, if you have to travel to attend the wedding, you can factor that cost into your gift.

Anonymous Donations

Should the couple want monetary gifts exclusively, they will likely have a basket or container for giving such gifts at the wedding. This allows you to donate anonymously if you would rather not have your name attached to the gift for whatever reason. You might not be able to write a check if that is the case, however cash or a money order will suffice.

Remember, the main point is that you are supporting the bride and groom. Give the amount that works for your financial situation and your relationship to the couple. Don’t sweat it out–simply give your gift and enjoy the free cake and booze!