Vintage veils

More and more brides tend to be inspired in their wedding day by vintage accessories and details and we’re sure that you already know these things. In fact, you can be one of these brides that we’re referring to and it means that this article will fit you like a glove.

So, we thought it would be nice to present to you some great looking veils that have as main inspiration the golden ages. In fact, these are ripped exactly from that neat period and we hope you enjoy the things presented here.

vintage veils

We start with speaking about some vintage wedding veils and maybe in the future time you’re going to apply for these, because they seem really interesting to us and of course a good option for your wedding day.
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A shiny tiara that covers your head like a hat will definitely seem interesting! The veil is just a big piece of transparent fabric that is placed underneath this gorgeous tiara. Fix the veil underneath the tiara and you’re going to see how it goes in the back side in a very interesting manner, how it simple flows in the back side of your wedding dress.

vintage veils 2

Another great suggestion and ripped from that story as well is of course this one: it’s a big piece of fabric that serves as cap and it has great looking embroidery on it. On top of it there’s the proper veil made of embroidery and on transparent fabric with layers of flower embroidery. Indeed, a nice combination which we think it’s going to be a good variant for your wedding day in case you want something vintage.

A thick tiara made of strong fabric is another good option and we’re sure that it’s going to make you look gorgeous. Combine it with a transparent veil that goes down to the thighs area and we’re sure that the effect is going to be simply dazzling. It’s the classical image of the bride, but really great looking in the same time.

vintage veils 3

A veil like Jackie wore in her wedding day will be always in trend and we think that she’s the right image of the vintage lady with good tastes when it comes to clothing and style.

vintage veils 4

Indeed, the things that she wore always looked good on her and she was a trend setter in the same time. Her veil is placed somewhere on the superior side of her head, in the back side and it looked like a mini cap. From this layer started the veil in waves and let’s also mention that you can observe some slight pieces of flower embroidery as well somewhere where the cap ended.