Long bridal veils

The bridal veils will always have a great importance in terms of accessories of the bride. However, this accessory’s importance is just as great for all the attendees, and that is why you should choose it wisely as it will mark the memory of each and every one of your guests.
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As you very well know already, there are various types of bridal veils and they are designed for all types of brides. Their range goes from veils that are very long which continue in the back side of the wedding dress to short bridal veils that come together with hats and other sort of accessories. It is all up to you to decide the right size for the wedding veil, but our duty today is to present you a few examples of long bridal veils.

Our first example is a veil made of silk tulle fabric. Fine embroidery embellishes the margins of it, giving the veil – and the bride, implicitly – a very feminine air. Needless to mention that it comes to complement the wedding dress, forming a perfect bridal image.

This second sample is quite similar to the veil in the first image, but size of it exceeds what you may have had in mind when putting together the image of the bridal veil. The manner in which it was embroidered is almost identical but slightly richer in details.

It can be placed right on top of the bridal hairdo, but, a good way to take advantage of its size would be to wear it in such a manner as to cover your face entirely. You must not worry about its placement and stability. A few hair pins will do the trick and you won’t have to worry about arranging it all the time.

We must mention that silk tulle is not the only fabric that is commonly used for bridal veils. There are brides who also prefer knitted mesh or nylon or polyester tulle. However, it is not out of place to have a veil made of raw silk.

Our last example of long bridal veils features the same floral embroidered motifs and a similar size. It all depends on how you want to wear it and how long do you want it to be, both in the front and in the back. If a vintage look is your aim, then this veil will surely accomplish the mission for you.
Regardless of our examples, there is one advice you must always consider: your bridal veil must accurately match your wedding gown.