Brides and tattoos

Are you a special bride and you want to be as different as possible without any prejudice in what concerns what is everybody’s going to say related to you? Very well then, you can apply for a tattoo for a plus of originality.

Tattoos have a symbol and significance. There are so many examples that you can take into account, the angel tattoos that have an extreme significance which is part of the religion or the wings are the most common used models.

brides and tattoos

Besides this, these wings are tattooed together with crosses, writings and other elements that are used in order to complete their beauty.
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Some symbols can found their roots in some times ago when they were banned, especially those that included some spiritual symbols, for example angles and crosses. So, if you’re a bride and you want to apply for these tattoos in the sense of an accessory it only depends on what model you decide for your tattoo or if you want something more aggressive or something more delicate….

You can start with tattooing on one shoulder, especially if you have a wedding dress with spaghetti straps or even strapless, a flower that is really delicate and tiny. Or you can opt for a star on the ear lobe, or eventually you can wear some small earrings in shape of stars.

brides and tattoos 2

You can apply for lots of options, some more daring than others. Or you can make a pick a little bit discrete, in reality the simple fact of having a tattoo takes you off the anonymity and makes you feel special. You’re going to be an original bride and your guests are going to appreciate this, especially if your friends share these views with you.

In case in which you have a tattoo from a long time ago that you mean to keep it would be really interesting and nice to make it be observed. This is a part of what you are and you don’t have to hide. It depends of course in what area it is placed, but if it’s on one shoulder or the ankle then it’s fine.

If you have the courage of making a tattoo then pay attention with the salon that you pick to realize this painting on the skin. It’s important to choose someone in which you can confide and works nice in order not to have problems after. Inform yourself if that particular salon is authorized to realize tattoos, if the people working there are qualified in what concerns this work of doing tattoos.

In the salon you have to observe how visible are the prices for the work and the authorizations….