Beautiful corsages 2

We continue our magnificent list with great looking accessories for the wedding day, like the corsages. In the previous article we’ve mentioned some nice models based on flowers. We all know that flowers inspire beauty, freshness and youth and that’s just the way it is…. Most of our examples contain flowers as motifs and look really great!

beautiful corsages 2

We start with a normal bracelet made of big pearls, which can be in peach or pink colors and on any side of this strain place a nice rose made of fabric, but make it in perfect coordination with the color chosen for the bracelet. At the basis of that rose use a transparent ribbon that ends tied with a bow.
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We continue with two flowers made probably of taffeta and which have nice and white pearls on them. Also, these flowers have at the basis some transparent ribbons made of transparent material which ends tied up with a bow. This is another great looking accessory and it’s in perfect coordination with the air inspired by the wedding.

beautiful corsages 22

The next model is quite glamorous. It is considered in this way both by the colors used and also by the size of the details. There’s a nice combination of several shiny flowers that have at the basis nicely looking materials. You can put jewelry on these flowers and also some glittery powders; the flower buds are made in a blue-gray nuance and the leaves are made from shiny materials with glitter on them.

We continue with some other corsages that have at the basis shiny ribbons on which you can attach roses made of fabric. The roses can be both white and pink and look really great together. Let’s also mention that the color used on the ribbon should match both colors and you should take this thing into consideration.

beautiful corsages 23

The final model regards also two colored flowers. These flowers don’t necessarily need to be roses as in our models…. You can use other flowers, the ones you like and use the same model, because it will look as great as the ones presented by us. Take three white flowers and other three, which are pink. Put them in two different bouquets and make on the exterior sides two bows. Underneath these arrangements put some ribbons that will help the floral arrangement to be wrapped around your hand….

beautiful corsages 24

We hope that you’ve enjoyed the examples offered by us and don’t worry because we have another list coming up and we hope that you feel interested in those future examples as you have been up until this moment. If you didn’t feel interested yet, maybe you should start from this moment on….