Bridal veils

The bridal headpieces are generally divided into several categories that go from bridal barrettes, to hair flowers and ending up with bridal veils. Although all of them include a pretty wide range of elements, we cannot bring them all to the table in just one article. So, we will take them one at a time, starting with one of great importance: the category of the bridal veils.
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This category is divided into several subcategories according to the fabric, length and shape of the veil. There are also veils that go better with certain hairstyles and some that go better with a particular type of dress, but we will limit to presenting you just a few popular models.

The first bridal veil you can observe is the one in the above picture. It features the tulle fabric and it is considerably long, appropriate for weddings ceremonies held in cathedrals or churches. It would be nice if you matched it with a dress that has a long train, as well.

There is also the bridal veil from the opposite pole. The short version of it, that is. A bird cage veil, which is made of a special kind of net in most the cases, but there are brides who still prefer tulle even for a short veil. Nevertheless, the birdcage bridal veil will always offer you that special look specific to the 1920s.

Moving on, we find the blusher bridal veil. The one that will make you look a little bit mysterious and sexy, at the same time. It usually covers only the head (and sometimes the neck, too) and it also comes with an interesting embroidery on the margins. Without a doubt, wearing such a bridal veil will offer you a really elegant and interesting appearance.

The bubble bridal veils are, surprisingly, still in the top of the preferences of the bride. And we can certainly understand why. They are meant to make the bride look like a princesses depicted in fairytales. It is usually attached to the back of the head, and it is hardly ever used to cover your face. Even so, it purpose of creating an impressive visual aspect is achieved.

These are just only a few of the bridal veils brides usually go for to complete their bridal look. We will surely continue our quest and come up with another article that will complete the today’s series.