5 Bridal Shower Etiquette Tips


Planning a bridal shower is hardly a small feat, especially if dozens upon dozens of women are attending. Food, drinks, presents, decorations, music, games…there’s a lot to consider. However, plenty of fantastic bridal shower tips exist to help you through the craziness that so often accompanies wedding planning. Review a few of the best tips to get started:

Guest List

Send the bridal shower invitations a month to six weeks in advance. Knowing who to send the invites to isn’t an issue, as most if not all are already on the wedding guest list! Besides, since the guests must bring gifts, asking those who are not invited to the wedding to attend is considered poor taste.

Shower Traditions

Feel free to incorporate fun bridal shower traditions, such as the groom appearing with flowers just as the bride is about to open her gifts. This is ideal if many of the guests have not met the groom yet! Other fun traditions including making bouquets or hats out of gift ribbon and bows, or having something old, new, borrowed, and blue present.

Game Ideas

Discuss game possibilities with your fellow bridesmaids if the bride has not requested any. If you really feel the shower does not need games, that’s fine, however they still offer a way for guests to get to know each other.

Gift Registry Information

Provide gift registry information on the invitations to avoid confusion and ensure everyone can access the registry before the shower.


Pick a shower theme if desired, as they provide a way to add to the fun. The ‘Round the Clock’ theme is a popular option that requires assigning guests to assorted times of day–12pm, 1pm, 2pm, etc.–and bringing gifts associated with that time. A 12am gift, for example, could be a nice bottle of wine or champagne. Feel free to ask the bride for her thoughts on themes and then brainstorm with your fellow bridesmaids.

Hostess gifts are also part of bridal shower etiquette–after all, you are putting a whole lot of work in! Hopefully the bride will come up with something fun, such as tickets to an upcoming play or concert.

Above all, have fun at the bridal shower!