Did You Know? Donate Your Wedding Flowers!

Donating Wedding floWERS

From flowers lining the aisle and adorning the arch to those decorating tables and accenting the bridal party — it took hundreds, if not thousands, of blooms to make your day memorable. You carefully selected each floral in the name of love, and the florist assembled them with the utmost care. Have you ever looked around at a wedding reception and thought to yourself “what happens to all these flowers?” Sadly, more often than not, they wilt away at the reception venue or — worse — are discarded that night.

Why not share the love? With help available from several organizations, you can donate your wedding flowers to the elderly, terminally ill and more.

Because flowers have a short shelf life, you’ll need to select a cause close to your venue. With a little research and a few phone calls, you’ll find the perfect place to spread the love from your special day. There may even be a flower donation service in the area that will assist in the process, similar to Petals With Purpose (in Florida).

Here are some ideas for where to donate:

  • Retirement homes
  • Rehabilitation facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Women’s shelters
  • Local hospice facilities