Winter flower arrangements

Winter wedding themes need of course winter flower arrangements and you definitely have to take these into account whenever it comes to a wedding with such a theme. We’re sure that you have your own ideas in what concerns this matter, we’re sure you’re thinking of flower arrangements with an icy aspect and most of them in white, but it’s not always as you think.

So, we think it would really be a great idea to share with you some interesting examples that concern winter flower arrangements which are appropriate for a winter wedding. We start of course with our first example that consists of a white flower arrangement that is made of callas almost entirely.

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Winter flower arrangements

The callas are white and here and there between their buds you can observe ribbons attached in bows and this is definitely something to create an interesting visual effect. On the branches you can observe placed all around a white ribbon and let’s also mention that this winter flower arrangement is made of silk flowers and it looks really vivid in the same time.
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The next winter flower arrangement is definitely one with an icy aspect and this is something that creates a really interesting visual effect. So, this bridal bouquet is made with roses in cream tone and all around them there are used green plants and some with a grey aspect as well. This is indeed a gorgeous combination and you can be sure that it’s not going to let you down. Wrap around the flower strains a black ribbon and you can consider this bridal bouquet as the perfect flower arrangement.

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Winter flower arrangements

Here’s how a change intervenes when it comes to winter flower arrangements and there’s another color that appears and in this case it’s the blue tone. So, how about a winter flower arrangement realized in white, blue, green and red? Certainly if you pay attention to the details and flowers used in it you’re going to observe that it’s appropriate for the occasion and time in which the wedding takes place. So, here and there between the blue flowers you can observe mistletoe and green plants. The most important detail seems to be oversized bow made of a shiny ribbon in a dark green tone. Interesting details indeed!

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Winter flower arrangements

The last winter wedding flower arrangement that we wanted to mention about is made of flowers that actually appear during the spring season. This one is made of daffodils and it’s combined with green plants, which are added here and there between the white buds of flowers.

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Winter flower arrangements

This bridal bouquet has a round shape and it’s indeed kind of small, but we totally recommend you to take it into consideration as a gorgeous example of flower arrangement for the big day.