New ideas for wedding flower arrangement

Wedding flower arrangements, we all know their importance, just how great they embellish a wedding reception venue, but do we really know how to realize them? Do we know how to make them step by step and end up with an interesting visual effect? Do we know some basic rules related to them? You will know all there is to be known for successful wedding flower arrangements and in the end you are going to see that these pieces of advice may serve you well enough.

First of all, how important is the container in which you place the wedding flower arrangement?!

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Sometimes it can turn out to be much more important than the flowers engaged in your arrangement. Make up your mind on the dimensions of the containers in which you want your flowers to be placed. Do you want it to be cylindrical, in the shape of a bowl or in the shape of a cube? Also, do you want it to be made of dark glass or of transparent type?

wedding flower arrangementsCredit
Wedding flower arrangements

The number of the stems placed in the wedding flower arrangement is also important…. Think of it in this way: you have to place one step, three or a multitude – this is how things work in order to be correct in your wedding flower arrangements.

The dimensions of the containers in which the flowers are put

This is the other important aspect that one should take into consideration when we’re speaking about wedding flower arrangements. If you would rather apply for a space that isn’t all about the same dimensions and colors, then consider multiple sized containers in which you place the flowers. Ok, make up your mind on a particular type of vase and the next thing that you have to do is to purchase it in different dimensions and also put flowers that have the same color.

Also, originality consists in the way in which you put the flower arrangements in a vase. Renounce to the classic bouquet placed normally in a vase and put it diagonally or even place flowers at the bottom of the vase and start with another flower arrangement that consists of a bouquet made of multiple stems. But this is only an idea….

wedding flower arrangementsCredit
Wedding flower arrangements

Here’s another great thing to keep in mind and that is related to the wedding flower arrangements. Well, you need to know that the different types of dimensions in wedding flower arrangements that you are able to encounter in a wedding reception has an important role: it makes the room look cozier, smaller and in the same time it creates the impression of dynamics.

Also, at the level of original ideas and being different from others, comes our suggestion that is related to the bridal bouquets. In order for a bride to remain really original and in the mind of the collective mind she can apply for multiple bridal bouquets that she can exchange during the day. In this way she will be able to create an illusion and maybe fool the attendants. So, here’s how everything goes: apply for a calmer and classic bridal bouquet for the religious ceremony, jump to a playful piece during the wedding reception (one that is suitable with the rest of the pieces of décor) and end up with a dazzling piece to throw to the girls!

The wedding centerpieces can represent your passion for flowers and beauty or these can be simple details that are placed there just to make the imagery of the wedding reception tables complete. In no matter situation you may stand, ensure yourself that you have interesting and dazzling wedding flower arrangements that are meant to make the difference or to simple remain in the mind of the persons standing at the tables as being “cute”.

A great idea in wedding flower arrangements is to renounce to the traditional flowers and make a statement with rather exotic stems and blooms that will make the tables look gorgeous.

Take into account classic vases made of transparent glass or adorn the vases with the help of ribbons that are designed in multiple colors.

Besides the transparent glass, you can always add a warm touch with the help of small and floating candles – and the final visual effect is indeed thrilling. Don’t stop here! Maintain the warmth of the wedding flower arrangements with the help of yellow or orange flowers and surely you’re due to remain in the minds of those attending the wedding.

Then there’s always the case of the oversized wedding flower arrangements, the ones that are made in big dimensions and with flower blooms attached here and there!