Wedding bouquets in lively colors 2

We’ve offered you some chromatic hints regarding the wedding bouquets. In fact, this aspect doesn’t matter at all, you can pick up your favorite flowers and place them in your wedding bouquet! It isn’t a problem of what’s in trend, it’s a matter of what you like the most! We have in the lines to come, other examples of wedding bouquets and maybe you can steel some ideas from here! It’s an honor for us that we have the power of inspiring you.


A bouquet we wanted to present you is a chromatic feast indeed: orange roses with orange daisies! The combination is simply divine if you add some green branches around! Let’s mention that you should leave the strains long in order for that chromatic effect to take place! Tie the strains with a white ribbon and place some nice orange pearls on the ribbon so that it looks in perfect coordination with the rest of the bouquet.
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You can have a nice combination of white roses with green buds and green chrysanthemum! Don’t be scared because the bouquet has a really fresh touch and it is a delightful combination! You can leave the strains long and tie them with a green piece of cloth on which you can add some white marbles!


Simple and refined in the same time: a bouquet made entirely of ivory roses left with long strains and tied around with a shiny ivory ribbon piece! The motif can be adopted also by the wedding cake and you should add some roses here and there!

Yellow and green sound good together! You can have yellow roses with daisies and green buds placed together! Think of how many flowers have a yellow variant and how many green bud you can find on this world! Place all these elements in one bouquet, wrapped around with a nice ribbon of velvet fabric and in yellow nuance and you’re ready to say “yes”!


You can have roses, mixed with orchids and so many other flowers…. If you want a bouquet that has a tropical mix, search for the most colored flowers you’ve ever seen in your life! Place them in a nice bouquet together with some fruits, like cranberries or burberies and we’re talking really serious! The visual effect is really wonderful and you confer the bouquet an extra touch of life, which is marvellous! Don’t forget to wrap the bouquet in a nice and shiny piece of fabric!


Like the example we’ve mentioned above you can have a nice bouquet that has as basic color pink! Mic this pink with white, violet or purple flowers! Place also some green leaves and the effect is guaranteed! Leave the strains of the flowers really long and tie them in two sides with a thin ribbon! And that’s about it!