Tropical wedding flowers

For those that want to be different from the others we suggest a touch of color and a different air that can be offered by some tropical wedding flowers. In the lines to come you’re going to read about several of these flowers and maybe you’re going to reconsider and take into account our suggestions: wedding bouquets and different arrangements….

We start with a pretty colored bouquet made in spicy tones. This bouquet is made of different toned flowers, like purple, yellow, green and orange.

tropical wedding flowers

All these tones and flowers blend really nicely together and you just can observe how these create a marvelous visual effect. Use also some colored ribbons and the final effect is guaranteed.
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This was an example for a wedding bouquet, but there are others concerning the arrangements. For instance, you can have an arch composed of such exotic flowers and be sure that the visual effect is just great: there will be used pretty colors together with green and many other tones.

tropical wedding flowers 2

Let’s continue with some other suggestions and this time we’re going to continue with a nice looking bouquet. This bouquet is made of callas, roses and some other tropical flowers in nice tones. As you can observe all these flowers blend marvelously together and create a great visual effect! You can apply for a multi colored bouquet and the effect is surely guaranteed and another suggestion would be to pick a bouquet for the bridesmaids that is made only in one color tone and species of flowers.

tropical wedding flowers 3

Here’s another interesting example of tropical wedding flowers. This time is a vase which is filled with nice looking flowers in spicy tones and together with green tones and marvelous shapes. You can apply for such an arrangement to place it in the middle of the table where your guests sit and you’re going to end up with a really nice looking reception that has a special tone due to these flowers.

tropical wedding flowers 4

Another great idea would be to have a colored wedding cake, but colored not in any model: with tropical flowers on top (instead of toppers). These flowers have really great looking tones and it would be a magnificent combination to choose the main body of the cake in white tone and on top of it to have such marvelously looking flowers.

tropical wedding flowers 5

Also, let’s not forget to mention that besides these tropical flowers you can apply for normal species that can be found almost anywhere and combine the two “styles” together. This would definitely be a great idea and we hope that you are thinking now of pretty colored bouquets and flower arrangements, because if you have a wedding that takes place in this season the colors are basics.