Tips for handmade wedding flower arrangements

Do it yourself wedding flowers ideas are more and more popular, because in our harsh economical periods it can really get a luxury to get married. It may sound as if it’s really easy to do, but in the same time you have to think deeply that there is a lot of time involved and realizing the appropriate wedding flower arrangements can seem a really hard task.

Of course, that is exactly why we are here: to make your life easier and explain step by step how you can end up with some really interesting wedding flower arrangements which are handmade.
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Collect ideas

This is the first step that one should do: browse into magazines, online stores and shops and collect as many ideas as it’s possible. Also, you have to observe that in 5* hotels they usually place some flower arrangements and it’s the best place for taking the most effective examples – take pictures and make a pile if it’s possible.

Collect them in one spot

So, we were at the level of collecting. Well, if you do collect, make sure that you place the pictures together, so that you end up with all the ideas in the same place – which can be a map or a special pouch.

tips for handmade wedding flower arrangementsCredit
Handmade wedding flower arrangements

What colors are you into?

If you like a particular color, then it’s just great for you, but make sure that you blend all the details together and for this you need a color scheme. This plan will help you in case a particular element of the wedding reception salon looks hideous. This color scheme should be reflected in the bridesmaid dresses and in the flower arrangements all around.

How much money are you willing to spend?

So, the flowers need a fixed budget because you have some other expenses you have to take into account, remember?

Pick the flowers needed

Flowers can be found in different sizes, dimensions and species. Make sure, you decide on a particular type of flower as basis for the wedding flower arrangement, but you might as well decide on multiple ones.

You need help!

After doing all of these, you are going to need some help from your friends, because carrying the flowers can mean lots of hard work, due to their sensitivity.

Think of a recipe

Like you do in sweets and pies, you have to create a recipe for the wedding flower arrangements…. It helps a lot when you design them.