Artificial wedding flowers 3

We promise that this will be our last topic concerning the artificial wedding flowers up to this moment. In the future time there will be other examples and we also hope that you share what exactly you’re expecting from us in order to know what to offer….

We start with a wedding bouquet that is made of silk of course and this one combines roses with callas and orchids in a very pleasant manner as well as their leaves.

artificial wedding flowers 3

Looking at this great looking bouquet, you’re going to observe just how natural it looks and you won’t even observe that it’s made from fabric. On the margins you can see some great looking bows made of shiny ribbons and this means that these blend perfectly with all the details.
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Here are some other great looking examples and these match together. So there’s a big flower arrangement made of artificial flowers from silk and these are placed in a straw basket. This great looking flower arrangement can be easily placed on a table in the middle of the wedding reception festivity.

Another thing that we would like to mention about is the fact that such an arrangement can be placed also in the middle of a table or it can stay pretty great in a church or in the corners of the salon. This ornament is compound of several types of flowers, like chrysanthemums, daisies, ferns and many other species….

In a perfect match to these ones there are some other bouquets, which look pretty nice and be sure that you can use them both as table arrangements and as bouquets for the maids of honor. These are made of multicolored silk flowers, like roses, chrysanthemums and many other interesting looking flowers; all of these blended together create an interesting visual effect.

artificial wedding flowers 3 2

And finishing with another example that would be ideal to be used in an open air wedding you can observe how silk roses fill an arch together with a piece of transparent fabric.

On the superior side of the arch you can observe how divinely are white and artificial flowers combined with green leaves and create an amazing view, on the lower side, on the margins of this arch you can observe those transparent pieces of fabric that simply flow under the effect of the wind.

artificial wedding flowers 3 3

There are also two pots filled with exotic plants, but you can renounce to these and apply for some other artificial flowers that are made of silk and are placed in great looking pots with different models and patterns on them. Hope you enjoyed reading about these examples and in the future time there will be other more to catch your interest, be sure of that!