Pink wedding flowers

If you’re more into the spicy stuff and have a sassy side then you definitely can apply for pink wedding flowers at your wedding. Indeed, such flowers are great looking for a modern wedding, and you can use them in different parts of the wedding: the wedding bouquet, the flower arrangements and the list can continue.

Let’s start with some examples that concern the pink wedding bouquet. Here’s a great suggestion of wedding bouquet in pink and this time it has a spicy pink tone and it’s meant to be held in the hands of the bride. This bouquet is composed of callas, roses and the bride’s flowers. The spicy pink tone goes pretty great with the green tone of the leaves and the strains.

pink wedding flowers

Such a bouquet looks divine as long as you know what you want when you as for such a model. For instance, the maids of honor’s bouquets can be pink! Yes, they can wear any dress in any color they wish and also they can apply for such a great looking bouquet. It’s made entirely of roses and it has spicy pink tone: here and there in the middle of the rose buds you can observe a crystal that goes pretty great in combination with the other elements. Let’s also mention that around this pink wedding bouquet there can be small and white flowers that combined together with the pink roses create a nice visual effect.

pink wedding flowers 2

Here’s another hint that can be used for wedding flowers. Use it for the bouquet or for an ordinary flower arrangement. There’s a pink arrangement made of tiered parts and it is created in a very humble way- it’s in pink too. This plastic pot is filled with flowers of different species and in different pink tones and on the margins it has a fabric side made of tiered parts. All these elements combined together indicate the fact that this is an exquisite flower arrangement.

pink wedding flowers 3

Besides entirely pink arrangements there are also some other ones that look pretty nice and are composed of different colors besides pink. Also, it would be nice to combine pink with red and orange, don’t you think so? If you agree with us, then it means that this wedding bouquet will definitely please you and maybe you like the simplicity and the “complicated” things in the same time!

pink wedding flowers 4

So, be sure that this isn’t the unique topic that concerns pink wedding flowers and that in the future time you’re going to receive some other examples so that you have where to choose from! Good luck in searching only the appropriate hints and suggestions.