Models of Biedermeier bouquets 2

We continue our list regarding the Biedermeier bouquets and we bring to you some other great looking models of such accessories. You already know the story concerning these bouquets and we don’t want to bore you again with such aspects, let’s cut to the chase and begin describing some other recollections of flowers….

models of Biedermeier bouquets 2

The first model is composed of red and white flowers. The bouquet may be composed only of red and white roses or any other flowers. The first row is composed of red flowers, the next one of white flowers and so on, until the bouquet ends with only one flower in the middle upper side. It’s a really great combination of flowers and we totally recommend you. You can tie it with white and red ribbons in order to keep the same tone of the entire accessory.
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The next bouquet is made of white flowers entirely, but you can see here and there some leaves, with a faded green nuance. You can use small buds of roses or any other white flowers, but don’t forget the detail of the green leaves.

models of Biedermeier bouquets 22

Of course, you won’t realize this bouquet on your own! It will be made in a flower shop, but as long as you keep your point of view and your basic idea the bouquet will be released just as you want it.

Another great bouquet is white too and it contains of course some rose flowers too, but there are also other species involved. At the basis of this bouquet you can find some large leaves, which combine really great with the entire bouquet. Let’s mention also that you can find a small detail placed there, maybe a cockade, really shiny with glittery stoned, an accessory that looks like a dragonfly or a butterfly….

models of Biedermeier bouquets 23

We end this list with a nice looking bouquet made of red roses, combined with green plants, white orchids and some larch leaves. Here’s how the bouquets has great combinations: some larch leaves at the basis, white orchids next, some green plants before the red rose layer. This accessory looks really great and you can be sure that it will be a great bride’s bouquet. Also, tie a red ribbon at the basis of this ornament and you’ll see how marvelous all these elements cope together.

As you can see there are numerous variants in which you may put the flowers together. Match the colors and create a nice chromatic pattern that also goes great with the dress you’re wearing. You should keep in mind that all the tiny details are meant for creating an interesting visual effect and you should play with these as often as you can.

models of Biedermeier bouquets 24

We hope you enjoyed our examples and we promise to offer you some other ones as great looking as these…. you can make a general idea accordingly to the models we’ve presented you and if you like the Biedermeier model it’s just fine, but if you don’t the future articles will speak about another great looking model of bouquet, which looks as interesting as this one.