Wedding reception flowers 4

Some other suggestions will be found in the lines to come and these concern as well the wedding reception flowers. If you like one of these in particular, feel free to share it with us and also tell us what you’re interested in particular.

We start with our first suggestion up to this moment. This one is composed of differently colored roses together with great looking leaves and you can observe nice combinations of colors between them.

wedding reception flowers 4

If the tables are long and united with one and other then this type of arrangement is just ideal: place one small arrangement of this type here and there…. Also you can apply for spherical arrangements with ribbons on the margins of every chair. This sounds kind of great, doesn’t it?
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If you’re more into the colored stuff, then it means that this suggestion will definitely please you! We’re speaking of a flower arrangement that is made of multicolored flowers and these are from different species as well. Try to browse for small flowers that are really colored in the same time and make sure that you place them in the tall and glass vase with their long and green looking strains. This is quite an interesting combination of elements, but it looks pretty great in the same time. Let’s also mention that at the bottom of this bouquet there are some shiny and silky ribbons placed there and these will definitely blend perfectly with all the elements.

wedding reception flowers 4 2

And speaking about colors, we hope that you like this arrangement as well and of course it’s ideal to be used as wedding reception flowers. Use many colored flowers together with green plants and a lot of leaves and here and there place some white candles in order to create a nice visual impression. During the party you can apply for lighting them: this will make an exquisite image. Another thing that we need to mention is the fact that this great looking flower arrangement is placed in a glass vas that imitates the shape of a champagne glass.

wedding reception flowers 4 3

Here’s another hint that we have for you consists of a metallic support that is filled with flowers. This support has nice vintage patterns on it and the flowers that “fill” it are made in the white green combination: there are used roses, carnations, lilies and many leaves.

wedding reception flowers 4 4

As you can see this arrangement has nice elements in it and you can be sure that the visual impression created is a great one. Also, you can be sure that you won’t fail if you apply for such an arrangement in your special day at the reception.