Flowers to be used in wedding flower arrangements

The wedding flower arrangements vary pretty much: there are some that look really nice and are pretty colored, some have a powerful scent, and others at all and there are some with vague smell. It depends on your expectations as well as what you want to transmit through the flower arrangements chosen.
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Probably the most common used flowers in wedding flower arrangements tend to be roses, but there are others besides them and really popular as well. Depending on the price of the flowers you can end up with really affordable or expensive flower arrangements for the bridal day – if you want to be eccentric, you can do it with the help of some exotic flowers or if you want to main a simple line, then use garden flowers or even wild ones, this always works.

Besides the classic roses, it would be a great idea to mention some other flowers that can be used with success in the wedding flower arrangements….

The camellias

These flowers are a clear symbol of beauty and loveliness and they are related to the tea plant that has its origins in China. Another important thing to be mentioned is that this flower is also famous because it was used in a play by Verdi.

When is this flower most common to be found? During the fall or the late winter to early spring time.

Also, you are most common to encounter this flower in colors like red, pink, white or cream.

Do these flowers have a particular smell? Well, they have a sweet scent, but which can be felt really mild in the same time.

wedding flower arrangements

If you want to apply such flowers to the wedding flower arrangements, you surely want to transmit a message like: beauty, excellence or contentment.

The cockscombs

These are flowers that are not that common to be found, or at least they are not that used in wedding flower arrangements. Besides having this peculiar name, they also have a weird look: they look like a rooster – surely you are going to make the difference in case you decide to apply for it. Not only are these flowers special looking, but in the same time you are able to choose between a multitude of vibrant colors – ideal when it comes to the centerpieces as well as the flower arrangements used on the trail to the altar.

You are able to encounter this flower in the middle of the summer and the colors in which you can encounter it, are crimson, orange, green, yellow or pink. Also, they’re without a smell or scent.

Wedding flower arrangements

The cosmos flower

The cosmos flower is a symbol of modesty and it’s also a scentless flower that can be encountered in various tones, like chocolate, white, pale pink or dark pink. Also, the time in which you can find it is in the middle of the summer season, towards fall.

Wedding flower arrangements

Such flowers are ideal to be used in centerpieces or in wedding flower arrangements in general; they have the look really similar to daisies and with long stems in the same time.

The cornflowers

Also with a peculiar name, these are beautiful flowers that can be encountered in the summer and early fall seasons. The colors in which they can be encountered: blue, pink or white. These flowers don’t have a scent, but their meaning and aspect will sure inspire you to use them: delicacy and happiness. Besides the fact that they look really fine with thin leaves, they also represent an inexpensive option. Not only are you able to use it in the wedding flower arrangements, but also on the chest of the groom, as an arrangement.

Wedding flower arrangements

The daffodils

These flowers aren’t as unknown as the rest mentioned up to this moment – and when we say unknown we mean unpopular.

Besides being a really beautiful and nice smelling flower, with really strong scent in the same time, the daffodil is really popular in literature as well. Its beauty has been emphasized by the Romantic Wordsworth and even by the very well known Shakespeare.

You can find this flower in the months between November and April and you can buy it in colors like orange, yellow, white or apricot. Besides these things that were already mentioned, you need to know that the daffodil means gracefulness, respect, regard and chivalry – in case you were thinking of symbols.

Wedding flower arrangements

The dahlias

These are also nice flowers, which are not that common used in wedding flower arrangements. These flowers were brought from the Southern American continent to Europe and they have a spicy scent, so think well before applying for them. You also have to know that they can be encountered in early fall or during the summer season.

Wedding flower arrangements

The colors in which you can encounter this flower are purple, red, orange, yellow, white or pink and its symbols are dignity or gratitude.